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Reader Suggestions: What Should We Do With Our Grid10 Tablet?

Remember Fusion Garage, the company that masqueraded as the mysterious TabCo in its run-up to the release of its Grid10 tablet and famously fell through on its plans to release a tablet with the help of Michael Arrington? Well, it looks like the company may be in its death throes. Over the weekend, Fusion Garage's website went black for a time—only to come back online, albeit with reduced functionality, according to Engadget.

On top of that, Fusion Garage's public relations and law firms have both dropped the company because it wasn't paying the bills. To make matters worse, VentureBeat is reporting that customers who have ordered Grid 10 tablets have yet to receive them, and the company isn't responding to any inquiries. That being said, it's only natural to conclude that the Fusion Garage will soon be history.

Unlike many of Fusion Garage's customers, we have a Grid10 review unit, and seeing as there is little chance that this 10-inch tablet will be getting an update anytime soon, we figured we'd pose a question to you, our loyal readers.

What should we do with our Grid10? Should we give it a fresh Android install? Stick WebOS on it? Or perhaps something a little less productive? The choice is yours. Answer our poll question and we'll do our best to make the winning selection happen.

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via Engadget, VentureBeat