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Acer Predator 8 Tablet Empowers Mobile Gamers

BERLIN – Lately, Acer is all about its Predator line of gaming hardware, but the company seems determined to go beyond its traditional purview of PC gaming. The Predator 8 is a gaming tablet that's small enough to travel almost anywhere, but powerful enough to run the most demanding Android games at top speed, with impressive sound.

Acer showed off the Predator 8 at a press conference at IFA 2015. The tablet is the big brother of the newly announced Predator 6 smartphone, which has similarly powerful hardware under the hood, but in a smaller body. The device's release date and price are still a mystery.

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I went hands-on with the Predator 8 to test whether the device was really as revolutionary as Acer claimed. The press conference pointed out that the Predator 8 features a 8-inch screen with extremely refined haptic feedback and an attractive red-and-gray color scheme with rubber grips on either side.

As befits a machine with a powerful Intel Atom x7 processor and 2 GB RAM, the Predator 8 ran fluidly, whether I was playing a round of Asphalt 8 or scrolling through the Android OS menus. Asphalt 8 in particular looked beautiful, and ran without a single moment of lag or tearing.

Even more noticeable, however, were the four powerful speakers on the front of the machine. Even in a crowded convention center with journalists clamoring on every side of me, I could hear the screech of the tires and the hum of my car's engine. The grips made the Predator 8 comfortable to hold for a few minutes, although it's harder to say whether the weight will work for sustained play.

The obvious criticism of the Predator 8 is that Android games don't generally require high-end, powerful, expensive systems to run at peak efficiency, so purchasing a tablet of this magnitude might be overkill. Still, if mobile is your primary pathway to gaming, and you want something you can easily stash in your bag, the Predator 8 might be worth a look.