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Nvidia Shield Tablet Recalled for Potential Fire Hazard

Nvidia's gaming-focused Shield Tablet is a hot product -- too hot, as it turns out. The gaming hardware company has announced a voluntary recall of the 8-inch Android slate, due to battery issues that cause the device to overheat and create a potential fire hazard.

If you bought an Nvidia Shield at any time since its July 2014 launch, you can find out if your device is affected and obtain a replacement by following instructions on the company's website. First, you'll need to visit the tablet's settings menu and make sure your software is up to date. 

After that, select Settings > About Tablet > Status. If you see "B01" under the Battery tab, your Shield Tablet is fine. If you see "Y01," however, your battery is at risk of overheating. To start the recall process, tap "Y01" and you'll receive a recall notice and serial number. Then, head back to the recall website and enter that number, as well as your contact information, in the provided fields. 

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Nvidia did not specify when those with faulty Shield Tablets should expect a replacement. Naturally, it's a good idea to back up any important data, as your old device will be deactivated remotely.

We gave the $300 Shield Tablet 4 out of 5 stars when it launched last year, praising its rich display, strong gaming performance and ability to stream both PC and Android games. We're also fans of its long battery life; something that hopefully will remain intact on the upcoming replacement models.