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Notion Ink Adam II Tablet with TI OMAP CPU, App-Customization Announced

Notion Ink will release a follow-up to its Adam Android tablet, the company announced this weekend. Slashgear reports that the upcoming Adam II tablet will run a TI OMAP processor thanks to a partnership with Texas Instruments, not the Nvidia Tegra chip used in the original Adam slate.

TI's Wi-Link 7.0—a chipset with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and an FM transmitter—will also be on board, along with Phoenix Audio Power amplifiers.

The Adam II will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich, though Notion Ink plans to run a customized version of the OS. The tablet will also use Notion Ink's "Modular Based Software Architecture," which the company somewhat ambiguously describes as an app-development and app-modification tool that leverages a "drag-and-drop interface."

Notion Ink says the ability to customize software will lend the tablet additional functionality as a "logic analyzer, medical imaging device, signal acquisition and processing, 3D modeling and multimedia" device, and more. Sounds intriguing (read:confusing); we want the details. Based on our experience with the original Notion Ink Adam, we're not exactly expecting the Adam II to live up to the hype.

via Slashgear