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Loop Technology Gives You Remote Access to your Smartphone on a Tablet (Video)

Until fairly recently, when someone spoke of "sharing" something using tech, that automatically meant using traditional data cables, DSL or an Internet connection. Nowadays, we have such solutions as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-- which we've come to expect-- but this year at CTIA Wireless, we saw something completely left of field: sharing a whole virtual environment via the firmware on a tablet.

Think of it like remote access for your smartphone, using your tablet. But Noitavonne's Loop Technology is still very unusual, because unlike remote access solutions for computers--which are actually much simpler to implement, because there is only one point of input--Loop Technology transfers multitouch input from your tablet onto your smartphone. "Looping into your phone"--as Noitavonne CEO Lael Alexander calls it--involves using some specially coded firmware installed on tablets that Noitavonne builds itself.

During a demo of the tech, Alexander showed us a NoitMobile Android tablet accessing the functions of his smartphone. We watched as he used a tablet to scroll through contacts on his phonebook with very little latency, and even made a call remotely--all without data cables, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or any Internet connection. It wasn't simply mirroring, but full remote access to the smartphone system. Imagine forgetting your phone back home--once an unforgivable transgression, but a surmountable little snag with this system. Unfortunately, Alexander did tell us that the firmware is available exclusively on Noitavonne's tablets, so you'll have to grab a unit if you ever get the hankering to try Loop Technology yourself. Sorry, fandroids--this isn't an app that you can just install onto any old Android tablet.

To see Loop Technology in action, check out Noitavonne CEO Lael Alexander's full demo video below.