Lenovo Miix 700 vs Surface Pro 3: What Should You Buy?

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Fans of Microsoft's hybrid Surface tablets that have wanted more ports and a better keyboard for less money should give Lenovo's new 2-in-1 a good look. The leading PC maker's upcoming Ideapad Miix 700 (which starts at $700) is a 12-inch tablet with a keyboard folio that attaches at its base, and a watchband hinge-based kickstand that allows it to stand on its own.

Available for sale this November, the MIIX 700 runs Windows 10 and features a USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0 port, Micro HDMI-out, and a microSD port. That's twice as many ports as the Surface Pro 3 (USB 3.0 port and miniDisplayPort). It also comes with a Micro SIM port for LTE or 3G data, another feature you won't find on the Surface Pro 3.

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Since Lenovo has earned high marks in the past for well built, responsive keyboards, users dissatisfied by the shallow keys on the Surface's Type Cover may see the Miix 700 as a better option for productivity. Lenovo has confirmed to Laptop Mag that the Miix 700 includes its folio keyboard, unlike the Surface Pro 3, which costs an additional $130 for its Type Cover keyboard.

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While the Miix 700 and the Surface Pro 3 are similar when it comes to their display, memory and weight, the new Lenovo is certainly not a clone. Stay tuned for our hands-on impressions and full review.

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  • Justin Says:

    In my mind they're both pretty awful, both because of the touchpad.

    Microsoft has had a touchpad bug that they've been ignoring for literally *years* despite countless threads of complaints (i.e.: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/forum/surf3-surfhardware/surface-3-touchpad-first-touch-delaylag/67a4b6ac-bfbb-4a74-9b0a-acd8b2ca57cd?tm=1431835134967&auth=1). I bought it, & ended up returning it.

    Lenovo Miix 700 was my 2nd try, which I *really* hoped would've basically been a Surface with a properly functional touchpad. Shockingly, it was even more unusable - as another commentor mentioned, they neglected to release a driver *at all*. So back to the store it went too.

    Thus, my wait for a competent "Surface-like" laptop continues.

  • Andrew Says:

    Hi, I had this device and then returned it. The touch screen is only good for finger or capacitative pen. Too many people have said this is surface pro 3 equivalent, however, it doesn't not have the same active screen. Also, the lenovo failed to provide touchpad drivers for this device, so no touchpad settings are possible (like reverse scroll, multi-finger touch, etc.). Windows has a generoc PS/2 device driver installed... you can google search two terms and lenovo forums will come up "miix 700 pen lenovo" and "miix 700 no touchpad drivers" I'm disgruntled about this since I was depending on use of an active pen which is not possible.

  • Pizzle Says:

    He actually says in the writeup that the Miix 700 has a MICRO SIM port unlike the Surface Pro 3 so lets not attack him....however, I am on Lenovo's site now and have spoken with a representative and confirmed that the Miix 700 does not have a Micro SIM port for 4g lte data either.

  • William Says:

    While the Miix 700 and the Surface Pro 3 are similar when it comes to their display, memory and weight, the new Lenovo is certainly not a clone.

  • Dan G Says:

    Um, Surface Pro 3 has a microSD card port guys...author, do your homework.

  • Dan G Says:

    Um, my surface pro 3 does have a microsd slot..running a 128Gb microSD in it right now...article above is inaccurate..do your homework guys, people make buying decisions on crap like that.

  • Boris Badenov Says:

    Any idea if this uses Wacom or NTrig tech for the stylus? I assume Wacom since it is Lenovo, but for many people (artists especially) that will be the biggest reason to take the Miix over the Surface.

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