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Keep Track of Black Friday with the Black Flyday App

Black Friday is a day renowned for - if not its super low-priced deals - the hysteria and general chaos that descends upon American consumers as they push, shove and trample their way into retail stores throughout the country. Why? Because what other day can you get four old Chris Tucker movies for the price of one?! So this holiday season, be smart and safe by planning out your next move and staying one step ahead of the crowd with the Black Flyday app by Iconosys - who knows, you may be able to get five Tucker movies!

Black Flyday approaches this day the way it was meant to be done: as a team with a regimented scheduled game plan and military-like reconnaissance. The app applies shopping teams and integrates Facebook friends to assist in hunting & tracking local Black Friday deals in real time so you can stay one step ahead of the curve.

Once you pinpoint a shopping center that has the most enticing deals, turn on the app and you'll find a list of the hottest deals within a specified radius of your location. Even better: team up with some fellow shopaholics and collaborate to set the app up together with a GPS-enbaled bulletin board that shares locations and prices. Just don't forget to breathe.

Flyday, available for Android devices, is free until Black Friday.