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How to Surf Smarter in Apple OS X Mountain Lion

So much Internet content, so little time. Apple has added some new features to Safari 6 in OS X Mountain Lion to make your browsing experience faster and safer. The most exciting enhancement is the Smart Search feature in the URL field -- much like Google Chrome. To search, just type a subject or phrase.  Safari will realize it’s not a URL and display the search results. 

Here are some advanced search tips to narrow down your results so that you can find what you are looking for:

  • Add a hyphen "-" before a word to exclude that word from search. Example: if you want results for the city of Buffalo but not news about Buffalo wings you would type in: Buffalo -wings
  • Put an exact series of words in quotes to search. ex. "Buffalo wings from Anchor Bar"

Click the Share button (see below) to save a link to the page, or send the link on to someone you know. Click the Share button and you can add a webpage to your Reading List, to your Bookmarks, or sent it via Messages, Mail or Twitter. Facebook support arrives in the fall.

 Next to the share button is the button with the cloud on called Cloud Tabs; it will show you all the open tabs on all your iCloud enabled devices -- so that you can pick up where you left off on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. 

There are two useful gestures for Safari 6. Pinching in on your trackpad with two fingers displays your open tabs. You can also get to Tab View by clicking on the rectangular button next to the 'new tab' button on the far right of the row of tabs. Under Tab View, use a two-finger swipe to navigate between them, or you can also click on one of the little dots on the bottom of the screen to navigate to the other tabs. 

Apple giveth and taketh away. As with Mail 6, Safari 6 no longer has RSS support, so you have to use a separate app for RSS feeds, such as NetNewsWire.

Safari’s “Do Not Track” privacy feature is designed to prevent the sites you visit from keeping tabs on what you do by sending cookies to your Mac. To use this feature, choose Preferences from the Safari menu, click Privacy and check the option labeled “Ask websites not to track me.”