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Genius Transbar Hands-On: Wireless Speaker Doubles as Tablet Stand

Consumers shopping for portable Bluetooth speakers have an entire universe of choices, many of which can also serve as a stand for your mobile device. However, Genius's new TRANSBar stands out with a unique folding mechanism that allows it to hold anything from a 10-inch tablet to a 5-inch phone securely. We had a chance to spend a few moments with the TRANSBar at Genius's Computex 2013 booth and were impressed with its unique form factor.

Like a tripod, the Genius TRANSBar folds into a highly-portable box shape that can easily fit in your bag. When opened, however, it takes on a pyramid shape with two speaker arms in the bottom holding it level while a third adjust able arm at the top holds down the top of your tablet or phone. 

In our brief hands-on, we found folding and unfolding the TRANSBar easy as was mounting a standard-sized iPad. The 2.1-channel speakers delivered solid sound,but it was difficult to tell in the noisy booth environment just how accurate the audio was. 

The Genius TRANSBar is due out within the next few weeks with an estimated retail price of $129. We look forward to getting a closer look at this uniquely-shaped speaker dock.