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G Styled: Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire - Which One Would I Carry?

Well it looks like another round of tablets, eReaders, and those in between are currently making their way onto the market. I've been asked this week to weigh in on the Nook Tablet and the Kindle Fire. Which device is your most stylish choice out of these new entries?

First off, I have to say I'm not always big on devices that repeat the same look as something I've seen before. With the Nook Tablet, it looks like the Nook Color. And with the Kindle Fire, it "borrows" its looks from the Blackberry Playbook. Not to say this is completely a bad thing; good design is simply good design. But I like to see something fresh for a newer model. But with that being said, which of these devices is the hottest?

The Nook Color so far as been the only eReader I thought worthy of a purchase due to its style. Just as the Nook Color looks great, so does the Nook Tablet. There are some subtle changes, but it still has a nice rubberized back, and the screen looks fantastic. When it comes to the UI, it is nice, but I wasn't all that impressed by it.

Then we have the Kindle Fire. With a name like Fire, you wouldn't think it would flame out, but overall I was generally unimpressed with the Kindle Fire. It has a nice look to it, which it should since it somehow has the same look as the Blackberry Playbook which I'm a fan of. It has a rubberized back, which is a plus, but that is about it. The UI on the Kindle Fire is definitely different, but not unique or cool enough to make it worthwhile. If this is the best Amazon can do, then the iPad will be dominating for the foreseeable future!

So in the end, only one can own the tech walk, and though it looks much the same as before, the Nooks gets it. The Nook Tablet takes the style and fashion title for this one.

Nook Tablet G Style Rating: Fashion Star
Kindle Fire G Style Rating: Fashion Misfire