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Free Ubuntu Linux Coming To Smartphones, Tablets Soon

Canonical, champion of the Ubuntu operating system, just announced bold plans to bring its free platform to smartphone and tablet devices. The organization's founder Mark Shuttleworth recently declared his intention to have the OS power everything, from slates and handsets to even TVs, cars, and kitchen appliances.

Fans of Ubuntu, a form of the open-source Linux operating system, have long touted its strong security, clean interface, fast performance, and of course free sticker price. The idea of the software hitting phones and tablets will no doubt whet the appetite of both mobile users and manufacturers looking to save a buck. Unfortunately you're in for a wait, since Canonical doesn't envision Ubuntu running on products other than desktops, laptops, and netbooks before April of 2014.

Still, eager Ubuntu adherents sitting on the sidelines with tablets and phones in hand are sure to drive up expectations. We can't wait for this to become a reality too, and imagine a day when installing powerful software on aging (or new) mobile devices will be easy, simple, and cost nothing.