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DreamWorks and Fuhu Team Up for 'Dreamtab' Kids Tablet

DreamWorks has been entertaining youngsters for the past two decades with animated films like "Kung Fu Panda" and "How to Train Your Dragon," and now the company is trying its hand at interactive tech. The house that Shrek built has teamed up with tablet veteran Fuhu to create the DreamTab, a kid-friendly slate set to release this Spring for under $300. 

The DreamTab will come in 8-inch and 12-inch configurations and is designed to take full advantage of DreamWorks' wide roster of colorful characters. According to The New York Times, the device will provide a variety of "character moments," such as Shrek appearing on-screen to tell your little one it's time to take a break from the tablet. 

"We could push out a new character moment every day of the year," DreamWorks head of digital strategy Jim Mainard told the Times. 

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The DreamTab will be compatible with select DreamWorks-branded toys, a functionality made popular by toy-based video games such as "Disney Infinity" and "Skylanders." DreamWorks also plans on providing educational videos that will teach young ones how to draw popular characters such as Po from "Kung Fu Panda." According to the Times, the DreamTab will utilize the same stylus technology that DreamWorks uses to create its animated films. 

DreamTab manufacturer Fuhu hasn't announced any technical specifics regarding the DreamTab, but a few screens of the device's interface suggest that it will run a custom version of Android, much like Fuhu's Nabi line. We were impressed with Fuhu's recent Nabi XD tablet for its crisp display and strong app selection, and we look forward to going hands-on with the DreamTab at CES 2014.

via The New York Times