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Digital Romance Study: Tablet Owners Get More Touches

Having trouble finding love in a digital age? Maybe you should get a tablet. According to's third annual "Singles in America" study,  45 percent of tablet owners had 1 or more one night stands in 2012 versus 42 percent of smartphone owners , 29 percent of e-reader owner and 38 percent of feature phone users.

Twenty eight percent of iPad owners are having sex at least once a week. They're also achieving the big O more frequently with 43 percent percent of respondents reporting that they achieve orgasm between 91-100 percent  of the time.  Only 36 percent of E-Reader owners are reaching the big finish and only 24 percent are having intercourse at least one time a week.

However love in a digital age starts outside the bedroom, usually with the first date. The survey reports that 48 percent of single women check out their date on Facebook before going out versus 38 percent  of men.  Interestingly, almost half of the men in the survey think that pre-date snooping is a big no-no. The men might be on to something since 49 percent  of women would cancel a first date because of negative information discovered online, compared to 27 percent of men.

If you've successfully cleared the first date hurdle, you might start thinking about doing a little sexting. You're not the only one as 57 percent  of single men have reported receiving a text compared to 45 percent of single women. But before you send that flirty pic, consider this: 42 percent of men have admitted to sharing a sext with 3 or more people. Women had a little more discretion at 28 percent .

Once singles enter into the relationship stage, there are still a number of digital pitfalls to navigate. For women, it's all about transparency. 77 percent of women (53 percent of men) would not date people that engage in secretive texting. People should exercise better judgement on social networks. Fifty-five percent of men cited pictures posted on a significant others' Facebook page as the top reason for a breakup. Forty-eight percent of women will end things over a suspect wall post.