How to Block Someone on YouTube

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Nasty YouTube comments and messages can really ruin your day. And if it isn't haters, then it is overeager stalkers that are bothering you. Thankfully, you get get some reprieve by blocking select users. Here's how to block someone on YouTube.

1. Log into your YouTube account. If you've already signed in to your corresponding Google profile, you won't have to sign in again. 

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2. Go to the profile of the offending person by clicking his or her name wherever it appears in YouTube. This might be on a comment on your video or channel. You can also run a search for his or her name at the top.

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3. Click About from the list of options under their name.

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4. Hit the flag icon at the top.

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4. Select Block User.  

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5. Confirm by hitting submit on the next screen.

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When you block someone on YouTube, they won't be able to comment on your videos or channel, and will be barred from sending you private messages too.

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  • Ghryst Says:

    this NEVER worked to block someone. the term "block" on youtube actually means "preventing them from viewing or commenting on YOUR channel, it does not block them.
    youtube provides no recourse for people who follow you all around youtube harassing you wherever you comment.
    youtube = harassment enabler

  • Hello Says:

    That no longer works! This is 2019!!! There is no flag under About no more. Well??

  • Ron Spain Says:

    So "blocking" the user does not stop youtube from continuing to show videos from the "blocked" user. Great.

  • Tommorethan5letters Says:

    Is there a way to block certain channels from appearing in your reccomended videos and possibly search results on youtube? There are a lot of click baiting channels that have no integrity. I would rather not ever see anything from their channels again. I wouldnt ban them so nobody else could watch I just dont want to see them. Im sure there isnt a way because even click bait brings in revenue for youtube. Integrity is way overrated.

  • Crimson Says:

    Is there a way to streamline this? I just realized that I want to block hundreds of people who are showing their true colors on Youtube today so that I don't mistakenly interact with them in the future, but it's too many hoops to jump through.

  • Me Rob Says:

    This is not always the case on how to block on You Tube. And it is stupid that my name must be more than 5 characters.

  • Paula Says:

    This doesnt tell us how to block trolls whose comments you don't want to see. Blocking them from sending you email, or posting on your channel does NOT effect the comments sections of any video! This page did NOT tell me what i wanted to know

  • Still annoyed Says:

    I'd like a better block on youtube - like not seeing ANY of the blocked person's comments ever again. Professional trolls are more than annoying, and they serve no purpose for the good...

  • Jason Says:

    what happens when someone is subscribed to you, but their profile page is inaccessible because it is private and not public? there isn't even a way to see who is subscribed to you... this is a bit more than creepy.

  • Carlos Says:

    This does NOT work at all. They can still reply to my threads on other videos. Clearly they don't know what "Blocking" means.

  • Quinn Says:

    I did this. It only blocks the person from commenting on your videos, but it doesn't stop them from replying to your comments on another video.

  • Benny Says:

    Doesn't work at all. They can still comment on your threads.

  • Nathan Smith Says:

    But how do you ban someone on mobile? I got to their profile and I press on about, but there is no flag.

  • Goldxoxoxoxo Says:

    Thx for the help because Katie Maples is is endangered and Pewdiepie to it's because of Darla something

  • Redcyan1 Says:

    Also doesn't work on mobile pages. They can still view, comment on and mark down your videos- just the comments don't stay, but you still get notified of their comment and can read at least some of it in the preview- which can still be upsetting. I defended, nicely, someone being bullied, they bullied me calling me ugly and an attention seeker, if he knew what I was going trough health wise and I was bornwith a bone disease no ne even cared about it even recognised, I have titanium ribs- I don't get any treatment for and have to argue for my 10 operations and pain relief- yet I ask no one for help- that't not attention seeking! I don't even get disability because they won't give my condition a name and I have leukaemia too. I was asked to make the video on land crab care and inboxed my new one too, it was just educational is all. He called me ugly- it's not my fault we NHS won't remove the tumours in my nose and it's
    Massive it hurts me every day without being reminded of it and how much I'm already hurting! I wouldn't even get married because I don't want to look at ugly photos or be accused of trying to dress up an ugly face. It was really cruel especially as he commented all the videos of one of my pets which died a few days later. Id had him years and it all left me near suicide again, I've already battled my ex who tried to save me and sometimes with my health and bullying I wonder why I fought those 7 hours to live to have nothing but shit. I even live with an alcy that doesn't care. I am always going through so much stress in a daily basis, I live in a noise nuisance area I lost my business and my job through my ill health, but the bullying didn't stop and still goes in months later- I still get the comments in the previews I just don't want to see t- block should mean block, it's unfair that I have to get my laptop out every time I want to block someone to make this even not even work properly anyway! Arseholes YouTube!

  • Peter Skooda Says:

    No such options on iPad. I don't see them anywhere.

  • Redcyan1 Says:

    There's is no flag, no block option on iPhone app, you can go to their google plus page and block that, but that still doesn't block them in YouTube's app and that's what we asked for!

  • hhhhh Says:

    this doesnt block them , they can still see your videos and mark down your content , you obviously dont know what block should mean

  • Karina Says:

    Will the person be notified that you blocked him/her on YouTube?

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