How to Block Someone on Yahoo Mail

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Sometimes you accidentally give out your personal email address to an unfortunately persistent contact, or you want to stop seeing emails from a frenemy. Marking their messages as spam isn't enough, since you don't want to depend on spam filters to keep them out of your inbox. In Yahoo Mail, you can block up to 500 addresses from sending you messages. Here's how to make sure you never get email from someone again.  

1. Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account.

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2. Open any email from the offending sender. (If you already know this person's email address, you can skip to step 5).

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3. Click the sender's name at the top of the message.

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4. Select Copy Address.


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5. Click the gear icon at the top right.


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6. Select Settings.





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7. Choose Blocked Addresses. 



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8. Paste the address into the Add An Address field.


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9. Hit Block. 


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10. Click Save at the bottom left.


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Once you've added a contact to your blocked list, you won't receive any more messages from that address. You can always unblock a person by selecting their name from the list and clicking Remove at the right.

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  • chied.ozie Says:

    i was scam by help me to close this email

  • Ben Avi Says:

    What you've shown is how to block an ADDRESS - not a PERSON. Addresses can be changed. How about how to block a NAME? Spammers have algorithms that change the address just subtly enough to keep 'em coming... whether you've blocked it or not.

  • Laura Says:

    How do I stop sexually related e mails from coming into my sons spam , junk folders. When I've tried to unsubscribe it doesn't seem to work. Also, is he really subscribing or is that just a scam. That's very important to me, if he's subscribing and then telling me that he is not then I have an issue with lying. Can you please give me some insight so that I'm armed with facts. I'm not savvy regarding these issues. Thank you for any help in advance, Laura

  • Erica Says:

    Is ban the same thing as blocking someone from emailing you? I caught my husband emailing another girl behind my back, he was sexting, he deleted her emails, but we were able to type in her address and hit ban

  • karen kennedy Says:

    hi I tried to do what you suggested but my yahoo mail page is not giving me any of the options that you suggested I'm frantic because I'm being pestered by a man whose attentions are unwanted
    Please help I do not have the options on my screen despite signing in properly I can see all my emails but don't have the settings options coming up k

  • Basil Says:

    I am Still receiving mail from Banned addresses?

  • Renee Private Says:

    I blocked someone and the next day 2 emails came through from that person.

  • nour alsaid Says:

    thanks that was helpful but plz tell me how to block sexual content and how to clear all massages in one click

  • L Says:

    thank you for your tutorial; i was looking, however, for the way to block an entire domain in Yahoo. I've tried the and formats, but get an error that the first style is an invalid address, and I still get emails from the domain in the 2nd style. Any ideas on how to fix?

  • Rom Says:


  • Ramin Says:

    I'm so grateful, thanks so much,

  • milad-fatahi Says:


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