How to Block Someone on Gmail

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Sometimes it's not enough to just mark mail as Spam. Google's filters aren't 100 percent effective and the occasional junk mail might slip through, finding its way to your inbox. And sometimes you just need to radically cut someone out of your life. You can block messages from particular senders for good with this simple guide.

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Blocking a Gmail sender involves three basic actions:

  1. Open a message from the unwanted sender.
  2. Select "Block [Sender Name]" from the message dropdown menu.
  3. Confirm your choice.

Step-by-Step Instructions with Screenshots

1. At, enter your email address or phone number and click Next.

 screen shot 2018 12 04 at 8.52.51 am

2. Enter your password and click Next.

screen shot 2018 12 04 at 8.53.17 am

3. Pull up an email from the repeat-offender and click the three dots to the far right of the sender's name.  

 How to Block Someone on Gmail

4. Click Block (Sender Name) from the list that drops down.

screen shot 2018 12 04 at 8.58.16 am

5. Press Block to confirm.

screen shot 2018 12 04 at 8.58.35 am

 You will stop receiving emails from this person. If you have blocker's remorse and want to hear from your contact again, follow these steps.

How to Unblock

1. Click the gear Settings icon on the top right of your inbox. 

How to Block Someone on Gmail

 2. Select Settings.

screen shot 2018 12 04 at 8.59.22 am

3. Click Filters And Blocked Addresses.

screen shot 2018 12 04 at 8.59.38 am

4. Click Unblock at the end of the row of the sender you wish to reinstate.

screen shot 2018 12 04 at 8.59.50 am


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  • Olive Mike Says:

    This is a fake name and email need to block. and need help blocking all fakes emails.

  • Ankur Yadav Says:

    How To Block Email||AllBestNews||
    How To Block Email

    If your email is full of inbox spam and you have to delete it over and over again, then in such a situation then a good way to block spam email can go.
    Read more :

  • Jane Peters Says:

    Why can't I block someone without opening an email? I mean some emails contain attachments. I don't want to open them. I just want to block them. It seems Gmail is enabling the hackers!

  • Anthony Richards Says:

    thank you i wold of kept getting those emails i wold of smashed my computer if i go one more!!!

  • Nilda Says:

    None of these options works in my case. I keep blocking the person and they keep creating new accounts with fake names.

  • Bart1 Says:

    I totally agree with Barbara J. When you block it, it only blocks before @ and should be whatever comes after @. I've realized this when I go to Block, Block This is not there and Unblock shows up instead. You would think a billion $ company like Google could spare a few million dollar to hire more people to correct this annoying problem.

  • Lefty Says:

    Even though you can set up forwarding it does not allow you to forward to an address of choice. It sends a verification email to allow this. This is why the government do nothing about spammers. If they got what the average person gets they would wake up.

    Don't fret. You can create a fake gmail account and forward to it.
    It is not a good solution as it just means another gmail crapped out account but should work.

    The filters don't stop spam. You still receive it but you need to set up filters to put the spam straight into the trash. This deletes after 30 days. This is another way of gmail avoids DOS.

  • tony adams Says:

    Can u block someone who has not emailed you if you know their address?

  • B myers Says:

    Keep telling me to click down arrow .or gear there is none how to block an email sender

  • MooCow Says:

    This doesn't work. You can block all you want, but it still goes to the SPAM account.

  • Barbara Says:

    There is no settings that I can see and when I click on the persons name it will make a new contact list. It doesn’t give me the choice to block on gmail. I am so tired of this please help

  • 8879361157sham Says:

    Even you you go thru the suggested steps to "block" an email address, the message still shows up in Trash. It is pointless to go thru the steps in this case.

  • Jarvis Says:

    Even you you go thru the suggested steps to "block" an email address, the message still shows up in Trash. It is pointless to go thru the steps in this case.

  • Ruchitha goudbunny Says:

    I had another gmail account so no need of this account

  • My job carrer Says:

    I hate all these comercial it to my gmail. I dont even need help from them help me find jobs. And show what place these are all junk

  • Jeanine Says:

    Ref: How to. Block sender on gmail

    There is no drop-down box to the right of the sender's name. There's only a STAR (favorite) icon. To the very far right (the end) of that line. There is a FORWARD option that drops down when the curved arrow is pressed, along with the REPLY + the CANCEL options, but nothing else appears, as in your image; there are no available drop-downs within any of those options. If I click on either the REPLY or FORWARD option, I am immediately sent to the next screen where I would normally reply to, or forward the sender's email. I also clicked on everything else possible on the email screen, to no avail regarding blocking a sender.

    I also checked my "older version" by clicking on that link, but similar to my current version (and btw, I had no idea I had an older version), there was also no ability to block a sender, that I could locate. Any suggestions? Am I missing something?

  • Kapil Shrestha Says:

    hi even then, mail will be received in spam. How to block someone like in facebook, so that they can't send mail anymore

  • Annoyed Says:

    I agree with Brandi. no unwanted email anywhere. I`m receiving emails in my junk mail from someone named Sara who says she hates me. I dont know anyone named Sara. scary part is she knows my full name. she`s not the only one, others have sent me e-mails asking me to stop sending pics. I dont send pics to anyone unless family and they are family pics. I feel someone is using my e-mail. can anyone help?

  • Lilly Says:

    I want to know if you can block someone on Gmail from your Android phone and it not get sent to the trash or to spam I never want to see any emails from them at all

  • Thea Mojica Says:

    I hope that the gmail can block someone that could not send anymore.. The same with the facebook. The mail is block and could not be send.

  • Fractal Zone Says:

    Blocking spammage in Gmail is made especially difficult because Google will not filter messages such as 'Paralegal Studies With SE' even when every message with a subject line containing 'with SE' is marked as spam by the user.

  • Mark Gibson Says:

    It would be very helpful if I could block emails similar to 'Paralegal Studies With SE'. The basic pattern I want to block is '[some words] with SE' I could do that by using regex in a filter, but am concerned that legitimate email (something I would not consider spam, or a method of blocking the kind of spam mentioned above would also get filtered out.

    Another issue is blocking all AWS (Amazon) spam. I use a lot, but sometimes I wade though a lot of AWS spam while checking the spambox for things which do not belong there before I clear it manually. If I just let if disappear after 30 days, checking for items mislabeled as spam would be much tougher.
    Since so much email contains encrypted links, it is hard to see what spam source I should be trying to block. The sender's email address is often mostly gibberish except for the TLD and there are so many of those now that the TLD does not give much information about the spammer.
    That's is enough of a rant for today! <grin>


  • Irritated Says:

    I agree with Robert H, this method only sends it to spam. I would also like it to be not coming through at all because there is no point in blocking but you still receive seems the more I block, the more those emails increase.

  • Robert_H Says:

    Note: this does NOT block the email; instead, it sends it to your spam folder. Spam is cleared out every 30 days, or you can open the folder and erase.

  • number one Says:

    why can't I just block at and have it not come through at all?

  • aparna Says:

    Idont like this my name was shame full to me that is why i want to change my gmail

  • Linda Jones Says:

    I keep blocking the senders but they keep coming through. What else can I do to stop the porn emails? I get a lot which I have never given my email out.

  • Phillip Evans Says:

    This method is insufficient. I want to black a specific email before I send it. In the past, this task was very easy. Now, it is over complicated.

  • Larry Says:

    Have been using this method and the same ones still keep coming. Using Gmail.
    Reading the Post it doesn't appear others are having any luck Blocking. Any other ways to Block and do it Forever?
    Thank you!

  • Bob T. Says:

    I went through all the motions of blocking spam messages, and thought they were gone, but I later found them, when I went to Settings.

  • Brandy White Says:

    Googles block button should say "divert button" because that's all it does, we need a real block button where the sender gets a return mail saying unable to find address.

  • j. santinello Says:

    i have tried every thing to use the "block sender" in my windows 10 os. my windows xp works fine.
    i do not get many options in the drop down menu. i a;so dp NOT have the reply arrow and the downward triangle???

  • Crystalnicodemus81gmail. Com Says:

    Caryz pips Bolckd all pleople. For my. Ealim not now. No.

  • RRyan Says:

    I would like to be able to block a sender without having to use an existing message. For instance, I dont currently have an email from evil sender in any of my folders - and I would like to keep it that way. It would be nice if I could add to my blocked list by inputting the offensive senders email address. And it would be better if emails from blocked senders were not downloaded from the server at all. Meaning they didnt even go to my spam folder - just vaporized immediately after they clicked 'send'!!

  • swapnil wankhede Says:

    My account get blocked plz give me possible revert....

  • Ijanp 97 Says:

    Please help me i.m open in gamil block

  • jBchicago Says:

    I agree with Linda CRH. I constantly get emails in my Mac Junk folder that will infect my computer. When I didn't open one particular on , that sender sent me an email Alert that looked legitimate. It said they had been trying to contact me via Spotlight and that when I didn't answer that they were now sending me an email to call them at a particular number. This email sender had a different name and so I opened it and called the number. They said my computer had been infected with "Mal Ware." and that they could help eliminate this. They (ostensibly) were going to clean up my files. I gor frightened, so I let them. Mistake. They were the ones installing several programs to access my data and identity. I have had to report to the IRS with ID Theft and Fraud; change my credit cards and ID and Passwords; call the bank; get new cards; and even now this is not finished.

  • jonggt Says:

    This doesn't Block in GMAIL it just sends it to SPAM.

  • fiona crane Says:

    Block does not appear in my drop down menu, so how do I block unwanted emails from this person?

  • Skip mass Says:

    I still do not see how to block ( not move to spam) but block a sender from being able to even reach my gmail email address as the previous comments mentioned . If I have a court order how can I have it Infourced ?

  • Paul P. Says:

    Is there a way to "unblock" senders whose items end up in GMail spam "because this message is similar ... in our filters?" These senders do not appear in my blocked list.

  • S B Singh Says:

    This is not blocking the senders but it is diverting their mail into the spam folder.It is better to have a blacklist as provided in mobile phone calls.

  • LindaCRH Says:

    This does me no good because the emails still come through. True, they are in my spam, but I DON'T WANT SOME EMAILS TO COME THROUGH AT ALL!!! I get hundreds and hundreds of emails directed to my spam folder every day, and if a legitimate email gets into the spam folder accidentally, it is IMPOSSIBLE TO SPOT. Plus, there are terrible, perverted emails that land in spam and I'd rather they not come into my account at all. Hotmail has a feature that allows you to ABSOLUTELY BLOCK a sender so that they don't land in the inbox and the don't land in the spam folder either. And don't tell me to use "filters" in gmail because once you start using filters, things start malfunctioning big time. I am about to stop using gmail altogether because they don't allow me control over unwanted emails.

  • Abid Hussain Says:

    I have to call first. But I repeat that I have been getting e-mail

  • Abid Hussain Says:

    i have subscribed some sites but now i want to unsubscribe these mail it's appear in my spam folder kindly suggest me how i can do this Thanks

  • Robin Says:

    Is there a way to block a person so that the person knows that he's blocked? I can create filters all day, but as long as they're getting through, regardless of where they're going, this person is going to continue to email me. I remember AOL used to have a feature, that if you blocked, the person would be messaged that they're email failed.

  • Deepashri Burkule Says:

    Thanks cherlynn low madam your article helped me a lot. May God bestow you all successes in your life ,very nice family life for your future.God bless You madam.

  • Ryooo Says:

    Very helpful, simple, effective - thanks!

  • Laena Says:

    I see I can block someone in regular inbox but spam I would like that to actually stay empty. I get inappropriate site's and I actually called one number and they blocked my email. Is there away to permanently block these site's from coming into my email's? My Gmail is constantly filling up

  • Jamie Says:

    Thank you so much for this help, I've been stalked by some psycho for months now, I'm happy to know I can rid myself of him and his sickening emails.

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