How To Block or Unfriend Someone On Facebook

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From a friendship turned sour to an annoying ex, there are plenty of people in your Facebook circle you might want to prevent from being able to see your activity. While shunning a person in real life requires a variety of tactics, blocking or unfriending a Facebook friend that's fallen out of your favor can be quite simple. Use this guide to prevent unwelcome nosey parkers from snooping on your profile. 

 1. Navigate to your profile by tapping your name at the top right.

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2. Scroll down to your Friends section at the left and click  to open it.

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3. Search for the offending frenemy.

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4. Hold your cursor over that person's name.

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5. Hover over Friends in the balloon that appears. This will bring up a dropdown menu.

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6. Click Report/Block from the dropdown menu.

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7. Select Unfriend. You can also click Block or Unfollow on this pop-up, depending on your preference. Unfriending a person will remove him or her from your friends list and he or she won't be able to post on your timeline or see anything that's not public. If you want to un-do this, you'll have to go about sending a new friend request. Sadly this will telegraph to them that you had unfriended them. 

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If you block someone, you won't be able to see any hint of them, including comments your ex-friend makes on other people's activity. But it's easy to unblock them quickly if you regret your decision. You can Unfollow a person to stop seeing updates from them without completely cutting them out of your digital life. 

8. Click Confirm > Okay

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 NOTE: You can hide individual posts from a person from within the news feed. Simply click on the top right corner of any status update. Then click Hide. 

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