How to Block Someone on BBM

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BlackBerry Messenger (or BBM) is the popular instant messaging platform that originated with the BlackBerry operating system. Since then it has been ported over to iPhone and Android devices as an app. Unfortunately, while BBM can connect you to friends who still use it, the app can also be a gateway for harassment by spambots or clingy exes. Here's how to get rid of pesky contacts on BBM for iPhone and Android.

1. Open BBM on your iPhone or Android phone. If the app didn't open to your contacts page, tap the Contacts button at the bottom left.

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2. Long tap the contact you wish to block.

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3.  Tap the trash can icon at the bottom of the options panel that slides in.

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4. Select Delete And Ignore.

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The offending person will be removed from your contact list and won't be able to send you messages.


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  • Chuck Says:

    What is that bit at the bottom about email addresses not autocompleting? That is false. The reason "avram" does not autocomplete in the picture above is that there is no entry in contacts whose first, last, or company name starts with "av." E-mail addresses do autocomplete, and fast! It's fine if you don't like BB10, but please stop the lying.

    Also, spambots on BBM? I think not. Only contacts can contact you, and you have to accept or invite to become a contact. If you don't want anonymous invites, add a security question to your invitation settings, something only people who know you would know.

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