Black Friday 2019: Deals, Ads, Date, Predictions, Sales We Want

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The countdown to Black Friday 2019 has officially started. With this year's shorter holiday season, retailers are wasting no time with their Black Friday deals. As a result, we're seeing a steady stream of Black Friday preview deals, with noteworthy laptop deals, Amazon Black Friday deals, and Walmart Black Friday deals in the mix.

If the thought of a battle royale-like shopping season has you feeling overwhelmed, fear not. We've been covering Black Friday for more than 10 years. We’ll help you make sense of all the Black Friday madness so that you can score the best MacBook deals, best Dell deals, and best sales on 2019's best laptops. From now through the holidays we’ll share our best Black Friday shopping tips, trends, and advice. What’s more, we're making a few price predictions, so you’ll know when you're getting a good deal and when it's not worth it. 

So, before you start making your holiday shopping wishlist, here's everything you need to know about Black Friday 2019. 

Black Friday 2019

When is Black Friday this year" 

Black Friday always falls on the day after Thanksgiving. This year, that'll be Friday, November 29. However, keep in mind that most Black Friday sales will begin to surface during the week of Thanksgiving. Some deals will even start as early as November 1. Over the years, retailers have managed to turn Black Friday into a whole season of discounts. That's because the final quarter of the year is the most significant time for retailers, since that's when they make the bulk of their sales. 

Why is it called Black Friday?

The most popular explanation of how Black Friday got its name traces back to retailers. Retailers would record their losses and earnings in red and black. Red would indicate losses whereas profits were recorded in black. On the day after Thanksgiving, shoppers would head to stores in search of sales and discounts. It translated into a hugely profitable day for retailers and became known as Black Friday. 

When do Black Friday ads get released?

Best Buy, Walmart, and Target Black Friday ads usually come out in late October. We should begin to see them surfacing in the wild near Halloween which is Oct. 31. These alleged "leaks" are PDFs of upcoming Black Friday ads, sometimes intentionally released by retailers in an effort to get consumers excited. 

Our advice about these Black Friday ads can be summed up in two words: Buyer beware. Oftentimes, these leaked Black Friday ads are fake. That being said, we advise that you take early Black Friday ad leaks with a proverbial grain of salt. 

What should you buy on Black Friday? 

For years, Black Friday was overrun with mostly TV and laptop deals. In recent years, retailers began discounting just about all consumer tech so Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to also find the best deals on headphones, iPads, gaming consoles, smart speakers, and even groceries. While you’ll be able to score some solid deals on just about everything, television sets and laptops tend to see the most generous price cuts. 

In terms of Black Friday TV deals, retailers offer excellent discounts on all types of TVs, from affordable off-brand models to high-end Samsung QLEDs. Likewise, you'll see excellent laptops deals on all sorts of configurations.

To sweeten those deals, bargain shoppers will turn to coupons for extra savings. According to CouponBirds CEO, Tricia Liu, an estimated 150,000 visitors shopped for coupons on Black Friday 2018. That's a 45,000 uptick from the previous year.  And more shoppers are expect to search for coupons in the coming weeks.

What should you avoid buying on Black Friday? 

Just about everything is on sale during Black Friday. However, you should approach every sale with a bit of caution. 

For instance, we'd recommend bypassing any vague "doorbuster" or "early bird" specials you see on Black Friday. Sales that require you to get in line at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day are most likely available in very limited quantities. 

Historically, we've found that "in-store-only" deals are typically available online. In some instances, they might even debut online before in-store. Our advice? Stay home, let that turkey digest, and shop from the comfort of your living room instead of a crowded store.

Amazon Black Friday deals: Predictions

The eCommerce giant will aim to dominate the holiday shopping season as always. We expect the best Amazon Black Friday deals to include discounts on everything from Amazon Music Unlimited to the latest Echo Dot. Sales tend to be cyclical, so for a sneak peek at Amazon’s Black Friday 2019 deals, here’s a reminder of what was on sale during Amazon Prime Day 2019.

Fire HD: Amazon’s best-selling Fire HD tablets will likely hit their Prime Day price lows once again this Black Friday. For instance, the Editor’s Choice 10-inch Fire HD was on sale for $99. 

Echo Dot: Amazon's entry-level Alexa powered speaker dropped to $22 during Prime Day 2019. We doubt it will drop down to any lower than $19 and it’s likely that Amazon will bundle it with other Amazon hardware. 

Fire TV Stick 4K: Amazon's 4K streamer was marked down to an all-time low price of $24.99 on Prime Day. Meanwhile, the 1080p Fire TV Stick dropped down to $14.99. We expect to see these prices once again, perhaps bundled with a free months of HBO or Sling TV. 

Whole Foods: The Amazon-owned grocer played a huge role on Prime Day and will likely play a major role on Black Friday. Over the holidays, we predict a plethora of Whole Foods Black Friday deals (exclusively for Prime members). Expect to see discounts on meats and produce, as well as Whole Foods' in-house 365 Everyday Value brand. 

Amazon entertainment: If you’ve been meaning to sign up for any Amazon services like Music Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited, Prime Now or Prime Fresh don't do it before Black Friday! Amazon always discounts its services during the holiday season. Last year, for example, Amazon offered new subscribers three months of Music Unlimited for just 99 cents. Amazon bundled this deal with a free Echo Dot which made the deal even sweeter. Expect Amazon’s best Black Friday deals to offer similar discounts on Prime Now ($15 off your first order), Kindle Unlimited (three months for free), Prime Fresh ($15 off first order), and Amazon Photos (upload a photo, get $15 Amazon gift card).

Walmart Black Friday deals: Predictions

Amazon isn’t the only retailer with excellent Black Friday deals. Walmart always has something up its sleeve to upstage competitors. Last year, it offered Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 console for $199 and the Samsung Chromebook 3 for $99. 

Google gear: For obvious reasons, Amazon doesn't sell Google smart home devices, so Walmart is your best bet for Black Friday deals on Google gear. Last year, the retailer marked down the price of the Google Home Mini to just $24. We predict Walmart will mirror its anti-Prime Day deal and drop it down to $22 in November. Our Walmart Black Friday 2019 predictions include Google Chromecast for $25, Google Home Hub for $99, and the Google Smart TV Kit (Chromecast + Home Mini) for $45. 

Black Friday deals and sales we want 

Sony PlayStation 4 console: Walmart is the king of game console deals and will likely rule Black Friday 2019 with solid Xbox One and PS4 bundles. For instance, on Black Friday 2018, Walmart had the Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 bundle (with an extra controller) on sale for $199. It’s safe to say that Walmart will offer a similar Black Friday deal this year, perhaps lowering the PS4 Pro's price under $350.

Microsoft Xbox One X console: If we were giving out awards for the best Xbox One X deals of the year, Walmart would take home the win. For Black Friday 2019, a $299 Xbox One X is possible in an extremely limited quantity. 

Apple: Apple always holds its Apple Black Friday event in November.Normally a 24-hour event, this modest sale lasted  only four days. It bundled select Apple Store purchases with a $25 to a $200 Apple gift card. By comparison, Amazon and Best Buy put Apple to shame with $50 to $350 discounts on select Apple devices. We predict retailers will once again undercut Apple’s Black Friday event. Expect discounts on the 2019 MacBook Air and the latest 10.2-inch iPad, which at the time of this writing is on sale at Amazon for $399 ($29 off). By the time Black Friday rolls up, we could see a $45 to $50 discount for this new Apple tablet. 

Apple MacBook Air: This year we saw the 2018 MacBook Air drop to $849 and the refreshed 2019 model (with True Tone display) hit $899. Retailers will continue to clear out 2018 MacBook Airs, which means it could be marked down to $800 on Black Friday. Apple’s October Event is on the horizon with more laptop models in tow, which could mean even deeper discounts on Apple’s existing hardware. 

Apple Watch: The Apple Watch 5 which is now $15 off, is yet another Apple gadget that’s already on sale ahead of its release date. When Black Friday arrives, the Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 4 will surely be priced to move below $199 and $299, respectively. 

Samsung: Samsung recently announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and we’re already seeing deals for it. For a limited time, you can score one from Samsung and get a bonus $50 Best Buy gift card which puts some cash back onto your pocket. Meanwhile the Samsung Galaxy Book S which is set to go toe-to-toe with Apple’s MacBook and Microsoft’s Surface Book is slated for an October release date. It’s likely that we could see deals on this highly anticipated ultrabook right out the gate which will roll over into Black Friday 2019.