10 Best Galaxy Gear Apps

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For a debut product, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is surprisingly robust: We like this smartwatch’s good call quality, helpful notifications and long battery life. However, the Gear’s true potential — running your digital life from your wrist — waits to be unlocked by third-party apps. There aren’t many apps to choose from yet, but that doesn’t mean we’ve found a few diamonds in the rough. Here are 10 of the best apps so far for the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

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  • Mercedes Says:

    I occasionally like to listen to am/fm, more so fm radio, so my question to you is can I get an app for that...............PLEASE!!!!!?

  • Francisco Says:

    I just tested a game that is quite nice, the name is Greater Than, it's really easy just to say if the number on the left is lower, equal or greater than the number on the right, there aren't too many things yet to choose from on this device but that one really was to my liking, it really should be on this list.

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