Best Buy's 10-inch Tablet Price Could Be Half the iPad

Last week, Best Buy's in-house Insignia line yanked back the curtain on a new piece of hardware coming to the retailer's stores on November 11th: a self-made 9.7 inch Insignia Flex Tablet. The Facebook post revealed some basic configuration details along with the launch date, but it left out oh-so-crucial pricing information. A new leak suggests that Best Buy's big-screen alternative to Kindle Fire will sport a similarly Kindle-esque price tag.

Sources tell Reuters that the Flex Tablet will cost somewhere between $239 and $259. That's a small premium over the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire if it's accurate, but that extra cash gets you an iPad-sized display -- and $250 is dirt cheap for a 10-inch tablet.

Insignia only tipped its hat on a couple of other tidbits: a 1GHz dual-core processer is slated to power the tablet, which runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Best Buy's claiming a 10 hour battery life for the slate, but storage and memory details are still a mystery.

Best Buy's no stranger to producing hardware -- you can find Insignia brand TVs, Blu-ray players and more on the store's shelves -- but the Kindle Fire's success has led to the low-cost tablet space becoming increasingly occupied. Will the big screen make the Insignia tablet stand out in a crowd that will very likely include the iPad mini? We'll find out this holiday shopping season.