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Belkin WeMo App, Adapters Bring Control of Home Appliances to Your Smart Phone, Tablet

Welcome to the home of tomorrow!

WeMo, a new mobile app from Belkin, makes home automation as simple as plugging in a lamp. The solution will use special adapters that can work as on and off switches for home appliances like lamps, fans, heaters, or any product that can be activated with the flip of a switch. Called the WeMo Home Control Switch, the plug is programmable and can be used to turn appliances off or on from a smartphone or tablet with the WeMo application installed. The app can also create operating schedules, a nifty trick for setting indoor lights to turn on a few hours a night during vacations or activating outdoor lights from a smartphone while pulling into a dark driveway.

To add even more home automation fun, Belkin will release a WeMo Motion Sensor that can be paired with the control switch and will enable appliances to turn on automatically whenever motion's detected. The sensor can be set to activate the connected device whenever someone enters a room and it can turn off the device when they leave. Say goodbye to your clapper. 

Belkin will release the WeMo Control Switch and Motion Sensors in March for $49.99 and $59.99 respectively. The WeMo app will also be made for download at that time. 

Want to see Belkin's WeMo tech in action? The company will show off its new mobile wares at CES 2012, so check back later.