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Apple and Samsung Lose Smartphone Market Share as LG and Others Grow

There’s no denying that Apple and Samsung are dominating the worldwide mobile market, but that doesn’t mean other smartphone vendors aren’t stepping up their game. Following financial reports for Q2 2013, the IDC notes that lesser companies are seeing greater growth than the industry big shots -- specifically Lenovo and LG made huge strides.

Estimates suggest that Samsung shipped 72.4 million smartphones throughout the quarter, which marks an increase of 44 percent from the following year. However, the IDC reports that Samsung’s market share has decreased slightly from 32.3 percent to 30.4 percent in Q2 2013. Apple’s 31.2 million shipments account for 13.1 percent of the market, which also signifies a decrease from the 16.6 percent it claimed one year ago.

LG, Lenovo and ZTE saw greater year-on-year growth and quarterly growth than Apple or Samsung. For example, LG’s 12.1 million smartphone shipments in Q2 2013 show an annual growth of 130 percent, pushing its market share up from 3.1 percent to 4.7 percent. Similarly, China-based Lenovo notched a 130.6 percent year-on-year improvement after shipping 11.2 million devices. Snagging 4.7 percent of the market share, Lenovo has shown the biggest annual jump of any vendor worldwide, according to the IDC. ZTE also saw its shipments spike by 57.8 percent to 10.1 million units, accounting for 4.2 percent of the global mobile market.

While Apple saw the second lowest year-over-year growth rate in almost four years, the IDC estimates that sales could accelerate globally if the budget iPhone rumors hold true. Samsung’s boosted smartphone shipments this quarter are all thanks to its discounted Galaxy S III and newly launched Galaxy S4, although it didn’t move the needle in terms of worldwide market share.