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Apple's Next Magic Mouse Could be Artist's Dream

Apple's signature Magic Mouse could soon get a bit more magical. The Mac maker just patented a force sensor for its mice, which would allow for a range of pressure-sensitive inputs as well as new features like haptic feedback. 

According to its USPTO filing, this "force sensing input device" will be used with Apple mice to give the user more input options beyond simple clicks and gestures. Based on the description, the force sensor would comprise two parts, with a top portion that recognizes how much pressure you're putting on the mouse and a bottom portion that gathers that data and triggers a corresponding function. 

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The Magic Mouse's current iteration sports a single-panel, buttonless design that supports clicks as well as touch gestures, like swiping left and right to switch between pages. We can imagine a myriad of uses for a pressure-sensitive version, such as the ability to control brushstroke thickness in art apps or zooming and scrolling by simply pressing down on the mouse with varying levels of force. 

The application also mentions both haptic and audio feedback, meaning a future Apple mouse may be able to vibrate and play sounds under certain conditions. The images in the patent portray a mouse that has the same slim, curvy design as Apple's current Magic Mouse, suggesting that these features could come to a future version of the peripheral. 

Via USPTO, AppleInsider