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Apple iWatch Fails to Excite iPhone and Android Users, Survey Says

The idea of an Apple-branded smart watch has kept the tech community buzzing for quite some time, but consumers aren’t too enticed by the idea of an iWatch. At least that’s what a recent survey seems to indicate.

According to Retrevo, which polled more than three thousand online buyers from May 29 through June 3, the iWatch is Apple’s least-anticipated rumored product. The study groups were broken down into three categories: Everyone, iPhone Owners and Android Owners.

Only six percent of those polled in the Everyone group said they were most excited by an Apple iWatch, with 11 percent of the iPhone Owners group voting for the alleged Apple smart watch. The iWatch failed to garner much interest from the Android crowd, gaining only three percent of the vote from that category. 

The next-generation iPad reigned supreme across all three categories, winning 15 percent of the vote from Everyone, 23 percent of iPhone Owners polled, and 12 percent of the Android community. Noteworthy runner-ups were the less expensive iPhone and iTV, but a new MacBook came in close to last, although it still beat the iWatch across the board.

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Rumors of an iWatch came to a head earlier this year when Apple patents for flexible, wearable technology began to pop up in the United States Trademark and Patent Office. One such filing details a device with a bendable touch screen display that wraps around your wrist like a “slap bracelet.”

However, wearable gadgets seem to be in their infancy when it comes to mainstream consumer appeal—a hurdle Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed himself.

“People who do wear them [glasses] generally want them to be light, unobtrusive, probably want them to reflect their fashion, their style…from a mainstream point of view this is difficult,” Cook said at this year’s D11 conference in reference to Google Glass. “As I said before, for something to work here [pointing to his wrist], you first have to convince people it’s so incredible that they want to wear it.”

As for other rumored Apple products, Retrevo’s findings indicate that both Android and iPhone users want a larger screen from their next smartphone. In fact, six percent of polled iPhone users said they wouldn’t purchase the next iPhone if Apple doesn’t bump up the current screen size.

Of course, there’s no telling what Apple has in store for its next-generation product roadmap, but rumors suggest an iWatch could come to market in the second quarter of 2013.