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Apple Employee Loses iPhone Prototype in Bar...Again

Alcohol and technology don't mix -- at least if you work for Apple. Reports have come in that a prototype iPhone was left in a San Francisco bar by an Apple employee, similar to last year's debacle when a prototype of the iPhone 4 turned up missing.

According to CNet, the phone went missing sometime in late July at Cava 22, self-described tequila lounge. Apple security has been scrambling to find the wayward device ever since. They even went so far as to electronically track the phone to the home of a male in his 20s. After acknowledging that he was at Cava 22 the night the phone disappeared, he denied any knowledge of the missing device. He then voluntarily allowed police to search the premises after which Apple security offered to pay him for returning the prototype. However the young man held firm in his denial and Apple left empty-handed.

So where is the phone now? Apparently in the hands of a bargain shopper. Someone bought the prototype for a jaw-dropping $200 on Craigslist, a much better deal than  the lady who purchased a wooden iPad in a parking lot. Whoever purchased the prototype is keeping mum about their find, either unaware of what they bought or attempting to stay under Apple's radar.

Meanwhile Apple is still on the hunt for the device and the world's left wondering about the phone's design and specs. The only winners in the situation are the person who purchased the phone and the owner of Cava 22 who's enjoying tons of free publicity.