10 Best Entertainment Tablet Apps

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Your tablet is great for responding to priority emails and reviewing important documents, but you should use it to de-compress too. And not just with our list of the best tablet games. Each of these entertainment apps helps you relax with your slate in-hand, from watching Futurama and Breaking Bad with Netflix to using Planetary to navigate your galaxy of soothing songs by swiping from one celestial cluster to the next. Here are 10 great ways to unwind with your tablet.

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  • Brook Says:

    I just bought a NOOK Tablet and it came with a free trial of Netflix. Although they just dumped tons of their movies last week, it is still a great deal for 8 bucks. My kids watch movies and tv shows whenever they want, I watch movies whenever I can. I<3 it, its a lot better than redbox.

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