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Shopping for a tablet can be a confusing experience. Do you buy the iPad, an Android competitor or a powerful Windows 8 slate? Check out our reviews of the best tablets of 2014 and our tablet buying guide to compare models and find the right slate for your needs.

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Top 10 Designer iPad Cases

Top fashion designers have lined up to help you protect your iPad with some pretty stunning options. Fashionistas can protect their latest Apple prized possession with a trendy and timeless case from Versace, Gucci, Ferragamo and others.

7 Best Tablet Cases for Kids

Parents know the incessant whine as a child begs to use the family tablet. Parents also know little hands will immediately drop electronic devices, spill things or otherwise wreak havoc the second their fingers touch the screen.

15 Best iPad Mini Cases

If you're opting to purchase the iPad mini or iPad mini with Retina Display, you're going to want to protect your newest tech baby. Regardless of whether you're spending $299 for the base model or $39...

Best of CES 2014 Awards

Mobile innovations came in all sizes at CES 2014. A huge 12.2-inch Android tablet wowed us with its ability to run four apps at once on screen, and a compact smartphone debuted with specs just as beefy as any phablet flagship.

Best Cases for Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch

When you bring home your shiny, new Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch tablet, you're going to want to immediately protect it. After all, it's a great family-friendly device that holds all your favorite books, movies, music and much more.

Top 5 Laptop Charger Bags

The endless search for power outlets motivates anyone with a smartphone or tablet to seek out new places to charge their devices. And when no power source is readily available, and your devices are ru...

Best Tablet Cases to Prevent iPad Neck

When held incorrectly, your iPad can be a serious pain in the neck -- literally. But with the right accessories, you can avoid a repetitive stress injury.

Top 10 Google Nexus 7 Cases

Google's second-generation Nexus 7 tablet packs a more powerful processor, a full HD screen and strong speakers into a slimmer package. And now that you've spent $229 to get yours, it's time to offer it the proper level of protection.

Microsoft Patents Phone Case That Responds to Your Touch

While your future smartphone may come with advanced features such as fingerprint sensors and flexible displays, accessories for mobile devices may also take a leap forward. A recently published patent...

Best Father's Day Gadget Gifts of 2013

Father's Day is the third Sunday in June and there's no better way to show Dad that you appreciate him than by giving him a gift he can actually use -- and likes. Whether you want to get Dad a gadget ...