Forget the Apple Pencil, John Wick could take out ten men with my favorite iPad stylus, now $49 for Black Friday!

Adonit Note PLus 2 iPad stylus Black Friday deal
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Black Friday is practically upon us already, leaping through the foggy Victorian landscape of the internet and slashing prices like its name was Spring-heeled Jack. I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but I'd say now might be the opportune moment to strike while the iron is hot and secure yourself some fantastic tech at their lowest prices to date. Case in point, the Adonit Note+2 iPad Stylus for $49 (deal applies at checkout)!

I've had the Adonit Note+2 in my filthy mitts recently where it reignited within me the joy of painting on my iPad Pro. Bob Ross would be proud. It's a cheaper yet feature-rich alternative to the Apple Pencil and compatible with just about every iPad that's been released so far. I loved it, and you might love it too. If you want to see for yourself then check out the deal below!

Today's best Adonit Note+ 2 deal

Lowest Ever Price

Adonit Note+ 2 iPad stylus: $69 $49 @ Adonit (Discount applies at checkout)

Adonit Note+ 2 iPad stylus: $69 $49 @ Adonit (Discount applies at checkout)

Overview: Save 30% on the Adonit Note+ 2 iPad stylus during Adonit's early Black Friday sales. The Note+ 2 is an incredibly fairly-priced iPad stylus that offers great compatibility and an impressive array of features to boot.

Features: Interchangeable nibs (three included), magnetically attaches to compatible iPads, palm rejection, Bluetooth connectivity, USB-C quick charging, tilt and pressure sensitivity, shortcut rocker buttons, aluminum body, eight hour battery life (one hour charge time).

Release date: 2023

Price history: This is the lowest price to date that we've seen the Adonit Note+ 2! 

Price check: $69 @ Amazon

Reviews: I recently, reviewed the Adonit Note+ 2 myself, finding it to be an impressive Apple Pencil alternative that undercuts it in price while attempting to match it in features. To which, it does a pretty admirable job. Comfortable, light, easy-to-use, and fairly priced, the Note+ 2 is one of the best iPad styli on the market.

Laptop Mag: ★★★★

Buy if: You want to save money when picking up an iPad stylus without sacrificing on too many features. Whether you're an Apple artist or just a digital doodler, the Adonit Note+ 2 makes for a great sidekick stylus. 

Don't buy if: You aren't much of an iPad artist and you don't plan on picking up that skill set anytime soon. Which easy to use and cheap, the Note+ 2 doesn't beat using your regular digits for general iPad usage and are much more finely focused on maximizing your workflow within art apps.

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