Apple Beats Samsung in J.D. Power Smartphone Satisfaction Survey

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Which smartphone brand gives customers the most satisfaction? According to a 2014 customer satisfaction survey by J.D. Power, Apple narrowly beat Samsung to reign supreme. 

The survey of 13,237 Americans who have owned their current smartphones for less than a year measured customer satisfaction based on four factors: performance, physical design, features and ease of operation. It compared phones offered per carrier, and across all the Big Four US wireless operators. Apple came out on top, but Samsung was a close second across the board.

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Other brands considered include Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, LG and Motorola, with HTC taking third place in Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Blackberry was the third most satisfactory brand for AT&T. 


1398367744 300x400Carrier-wise, AT&T took first, with an average rating of 844 on the survey's 1,000-point scale. Sprint, surprisingly, came in second with 839, despite having the worst 4G performance in cities such as New York and San Francisco. T-Mobile was third (835) while Verizon lagged behind (829).

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  • Kevin Kee Says:

    Dude, take a chill pill and just accept the reality.

  • David Williams Says:

    I find iPhone users to be a little less critical of their phones than other users. I used to sell phones, but we didn't sell apple's. The complaint we heard the most was from iPhone users, "do you sell anything to help my phone receive any better". Consumer reports for years has shown that the number one complaint from iPhone users was, reception problems. The latest issue was October of 2013. Yet a poll shows that they are the best, right! Say that "Right" like the way Bill Cosby would say it to show his disbelief in something.

    There is no way an Apple user would say their phone wasn't the best, even though they complain about call reception all the time. Look at the numbers of phones sold, just one of Samsungs phones has outsold the iPhone all by itself. The numbers are growing fast, and soon the iPhone numbers will be just like the Mac's. The Mac is now less than 10% of sales. This article sounds like a iFanboy commercial. Unfortunately, the media fans the flames by continuing to claim the iPhone is the best and easiest phone. Why not talk about how the Android offers more, for less, and has outsold the iPhone in just a few years of operation. This happened because the Android is a better value. Try reminding Apple users that the profit Apple shows is from how Apple overcharges their customers because they know they will pay.

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