This Max Cyber Monday deal ends today! Get Max for only $2.99/month

max streaming deal
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Max, formerly known as HBO Max, is home to a ton of unique HBO Originals as well as popular TV shows and movies from other networks. Normally, the streaming service costs $9.99/month for a basic plan with ads. 

But for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Max is majorly discounted to $2.99/month for 6 months — that's $42 in savings! You'll need to act fast though, because this deal only lasts until the end of today, Nov. 27. Last year's Max streaming deal lasted longer than Monday, but there's no guarantee this one will, so get it while you can!

Max also notes that this deal is available through Amazon, Google, Apple, and Roku, if you already have an account setup through them that you want to add Max to. This offer is available for both new and returning customers, just like the Hulu deal for $0.99/month that's good through Nov. 28.

HBO Max Cyber Monday deal

Max Monthly Subscription (With Ads)
Was: $9.99/month (with ads)
Now: $2.99/month (with ads) for 6 months

Max Monthly Subscription (With Ads)
$9.99/month (with ads)
Now: $2.99/month (with ads) for 6 months
Through Nov. 27, save $42 on a Max streaming subscription with ads. 

Price history: Last year, the ads plan with HBO Max was discounted to $1.99/month for three months, totaling $24 in savings. This deal in 2023 will save you $70! 

Features: Over 35,000 hours of content, compatible with most devices, simultaneous streaming on two devices, FHD resolution

HBO Originals: Euphoria, The Last of Us, Game of Thrones, True Detective, The Gilded Age

Tom's Guide: ★★★★½

Subscribe if: There are shows you've been wanting to see on Max (previously HBO Max), and you don't mind watching ads in exchange for a killer deal. 

Don't subscribe if: You don't automatically know of anything you'd want to see on Max. You'd save $42!!!,