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Xbox Series X can be ordered on Amazon UK right now

Xbox Series X and Series S
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft's highly sought-after Xbox Series X is available to order over at Amazon UK right now, with stock set to be available on Tuesday, June 29.

Microsoft previously stated its next-gen restock scramble will "continue to be constrained by supply" until at least the end of June. Well, the time has finally arrived, and it looks like Amazon is confident in delivering Xbox Series X stock supplies. What's more, the Xbox Series S is currently in stock. 

Amazon appears to be taking back-order for the Xbox Series X, currently priced at £449.99. The next-gen console can be added to your basket and bought for now, but there's how long this will last.

As for the Xbox Series S, this can be purchased £249.99 at Amazon right now, with free next-day delivery to Amazon Prime members in the UK. While the more affordable next-gen console has been easier to nab than its more powerful sibling, you'll find there's plenty of reasons to own one — including turning it into an emulator

Xbox Series X and Series S stock 

The hunt for the Xbox Series X and Series S seems to be easing, although there currently isn't an available listing for orders on Amazon in the US. PS5 stock still isn't easy to come by, either.

While the shortage of Microsoft's consoles has been an ongoing issue since their launch, sales have still been strong. The earnings report showed Xbox hardware revenue was up 232%, while Xbox content and services revenue increased by 34%. Xbox Game Pass played a big hand in that.

If you miss your chance to grab an Xbox Series X, check out the best places to buy an Xbox Series X, with Walmart and Best Buy being the usual contenders when it comes to regular restocks.

You'll also want to follow a Twitter account that specializes in gaming restock and deal notifications. One of the best is @Wario64; they stick to US deals which help reduce the volume a bit compared to other reliable accounts like @GYXDeals