Xbox Game Pass for PC: Everything We Know So Far

LOS ANGELES, CA - In the weeks leading up to E3 2019, Microsoft announced its Xbox Game Pass for PC program. Essentially a Netflix-for-games subscription service, the PC version brings its all-you-can-play gaming service model from console to Windows 10 (sorry Win 7 and 8 users!).

The service is currently in open beta for $9.99, which garners access to over 100 PC games, including a serious cache of AAA titles. Still on the fence about the service? Here’s everything we know so far about Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Xbox Game Pass for PC Price

By itself, Game Pass for PC costs a rather affordable $9.99 per month, which is the same price for the original Xbox Game Pass. However, if you happen to own an Xbox (or three like me), you’ll want to consider the $14.99 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which not only grants access to O.G. Game Pass and Game Pass PC, you also get Xbox Live Gold

That’s a serious value, as a 12-month Gold membership typically runs you $59.99. Throw in a $19.98 subscription for both Game Pass and Game Pass PC and that’s $299.75 a year, which is a lot more than the $179.88 you’ll pay with Ultimate.

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Game Pass for PC already has a library of over 100 games. During its E3 2019 press conference, Xbox announced several more big-ticket titles, such as  Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Metro: Exodus, Forza Horizon 4, Ark: Survival Evolved and Sea of Thieves: Anniversary Edition. Upcoming games include Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Gears 5 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Titles released from Xbox Game Studios are launched on Game Pass PC the same day they launch on console. And Xbox has been on an acquiring frenzy since E3 2018 where the company announced Ninja Theory, InXile and Obsidian Entertainment. This year, Xbox added another heavy-hitter to its arsenal with the acquisition of Double Fine Studios, makers of such cult classics as Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. The acquisition comes just as the studio is prepping the highly anticipated Psychonauts 2.

And Xbox isn’t leaving those of us with Steam accounts out in the cold. The last three Age of Empires titles will be listed on Steam as will Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Gears 5.

The Major Con

Remember when we called the service the Netflix of Games? Just like the movie service, games will come and go out of the library. So there’s no real guarantee outside of purchasing a game outright that it will be there from month to month.


Xbox Game Pass for PC is a great way for PC gamers to get access to a growing library of games for the affordable price of $9.99. However, gamers that own an Xbox might also want to take a look at Game Pass Ultimate, which for $14.99 gives you the console and PC versions of Game Pass in addition to Xbox Live Gold. The only thing to watch out for is a rotating library of games, which if you don’t own the games could see your favorite title out of commission at any given time.

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