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PS5 UK stock watch: Consoles could be 'hours away’ at Amazon and Smyths

Playstation 5
(Image credit: Future)

Buying a PS5 in the U.K. seems to be harder than getting Grannies across the country to not sit too close to the camera on Zoom calls. But if recent reports are to be believed, it may start to become a whole lot easier to pick a console u

According to sources that have been pretty accurate in the past, Amazon and Smyths Toys are expected to drop some stock this week  — between today and March 18 for the former, and between March 18 and 20 for Smyths.

PS5 Buying info

With some luck, you’re going to bag yourself a PS5 with our help, so you can wait for all of this to blow over (to paraphrase Shaun of The Dead). Let’s get you prepared with some top tips, including when to look and what steps you should take to increase your chances.

PlayStation took over some tube stations at launch

PlayStation took over some tube stations at launch (Image credit: PlayStation)

According to PS5 Stock UK, we should be expecting consoles available over on Amazon, Currys PC World and Smyths Toys this week, along with stock coming either later this week or early next week over at Argos.

Let’s go over the times that these retailers usually drop their stock (yes, I’ve been sad enough to actually track these stock drop times over the last few months). These windows are pretty broad, so make sure you’ve got tabs open for the duration!

  • Amazon usually drops stock between 9am and 2pm
  • Smyths Toys can be anywhere between 1pm and 9pm
  • Currys PC World is more on the earlier side between 7am and 10am
  • Argos have mostly launched their stock as the website refreshes between 4am and 6am, but they are harder to predict, as they have had some mid-morning/early afternoon drops too.

And don’t forget! If you’re gunning for one over at Amazon, add the product page to your wishlist and add it to your cart from there. People are reporting more success doing that than relying on adding it straight to the cart and the site crashing.

Good luck! And follow Laptop Mag on Twitter and we’ll do our best to post links when they go live.