iPhone 16 rumors: release date speculation, design leaks, price outlook, and more

Blue iPhone 16 renders based on leaked schematics and rumors.
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The iPhone 16 draws closer to release, and with each passing day more information escapes Apple Park to give us a closer idea of what we can expect when they're revealed later in the year.

Apple's annual iPhone release is one of the major staples of the tech calendar and a showcase of smartphone innovation. Last year's iPhone 15-series dazzled thanks to a fusion of premium materials and cutting-edge components, and Apple's iPhone 16-series appears ready to one-up it.

At Laptop Mag, we keep our finger on the pulse of iPhone 16 news, gathering the latest information from as many credible, reliable, and proven sources as we can. We monitor the opinions and claims from industry insiders and in-the-know journalists to reputable analysts and well-known leakers with proven track records—all to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information surrounding the iPhone 16 that we possibly can.

With that in mind, remember that the details included here are not all officially sourced from Apple and some claims made by sources may be incorrect, misinformed about finer details, or based on outdated information. As such, this information is subject to change from time to time. 

This page is the culmination of those efforts, where we've compiled the most precise representation of Apple's upcoming iPhone 16 based on the latest rumors and news from Apple. This page is a collaborative effort of our editorial staff and is regularly maintained to ensure its information is as up-to-date as possible. Below is everything we know about the iPhone 16.

iPhone 16 rumors: Latest news

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Last updated: Apr. 25, 2024

iPhone 16 rumors: FAQs

  • When will the iPhone 16 be released?
    We don't know the exact date, but Apple typically releases new iPhones in September. Based on Apple's release date patterns, the most likely date appears to be September 16, 2024.
  • How much will the iPhone 16 cost?
    If pricing remains the same as the iPhone 15, the iPhone 16 will be available for $799, the iPhone 16 Plus for $899, the iPhone 16 Pro for $999, and the iPhone 16 Pro Max for $1,199.
  • Will the iPhone 16 look different?
    Based on early information, the iPhone 16 will feature a redesigned camera island on the back of the device and feature frame-flush capacitive touch buttons.
  • Will the iPhone 16 have new buttons?
    The iPhone 16 is rumored to bring the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max's Action Button to all models, as well as a brand new Capture Button for quick access to camera functions.
  • Will the iPhone 16 have AI?
    Apple announced its new Apple Intelligence AI platform at WWDC 2024, which will be an (optional) feature baked into iOS moving forward. We're expecting the iPhone 16 to be designed with this in mind, which could mean a more powerful processor or even a dedicated Siri action button. 
  • Will the iPhone 16 have a 120Hz display?
    The iPhone 16 is not expected to feature the long-awaited ProMotion 120Hz display, instead retaining the 60Hz refresh rate of the iPhone 15.

iPhone 16 rumors: Release date & price

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Apple often releases a new iPhone in the fall, somewhere between September and October. We expect the release date window to stay the same for the iPhone 16 series.

Apple hasn’t missed this September to October window since it began the trend in 2011 with the iPhone 4S. The only exception is the iPhone SE series, which often launches between March and April. 

Following the pattern of the last three iPhone release dates, the iPhone 16 is likely to arrive in September 2024. Apple tends to release new iPhones in the second half of the month with a preference for Mondays, which means the most likely potential release dates are September 16, 20, and 22, 2024. 

We can't speak on the price of the iPhone 16 this early on. However, should Apple maintain the same pricing of the iPhone 15, then we would expect the iPhone 16-series to be priced as follows:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
iPhone 16$799
iPhone 16 Plus$899
iPhone 16 Pro$999
iPhone 16 Pro Max$1,199

That being said, the iPhone 16 line includes several upgrades that could raise the production costs of Apple's handset, and those costs could be passed on to customers. As such, there's potential for the iPhone 16 to see a bump in pricing upon release.

iPhone 16 rumors: Design

(Image credit: Laptop Mag / Rael Hornby)

From what we know, the iPhone 16 will retain much of the same overall design as the iPhone 15 that came before it. The same goes for the Plus, Pro, and Pro Max models. 

However, there are a few notable changes. First of which is a slight difference in measurements for iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max models—not only in dimensions and weight but also in display size. 

Both the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max models will be fractionally larger and heavier than their iPhone 15 counterparts, but they're also rumored to feature expanded OLED displays of 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches in size respectively. 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
ModelSizeWeightScreen size
iPhone 16 Pro5.9 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches194 grams6.3 inches
iPhone 16 Pro Max6.4 x 3 x 0.3 inches225 grams6.9 inches

Secondly, the iPhone 16 (and likely the iPhone 16 Plus) will feature a redesigned camera island, ditching the diagonal lenses for a horizontal camera array housed atop of an iPhone X-like pill-shaped block.

(Image credit: Apple)

The reason for this change could have much to do with another Apple product released earlier this year, the Vision Pro. We've already seen that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max can use their vertically stacked cameras to capture Spatial Video, ready for playback on Apple's mixed-reality headset. This new layout could be lining up the lenses of the iPhone 16 (and iPhone 16 Plus) to do the same.

The iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus models could also inherit the Action Button previously found in iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max handsets. Photos of iPhone 16 cases leaked on X appear to confirm this, showing an additional cutout on the left side of the case. 

Initial rumors about this button speculated that it will replace the Ring/Silent button. However, these case photos seem to include a new button in the same location as the Ring/Silent switch as well as the additional cutout on the left side of the phone below the Sleep/Lock button. 

This could mean Apple is adding a completely new button, replacing the Ring/Silent switch with a button, or adding a new button and moving the Ring/Silent switch. Regardless, it looks like the iPhone 16 may have some type of new Action Button. Normally an Action Button is customizable so you can assign it to do whatever you wish, but it's also possible Apple has its own plans for this new button. 

Some potential uses for it could include:

  • Activating Siri or Apple Intelligence
  • Turning Silent mode on or off.
  • Opening the Camera app.
  • Turning the flashlight on or off.
  • Starting the iPhone's speech translation function.
  • Opening an app or activating a shortcut.

It's also worth noting that the iPhone 16's action button will reportedly differ from the one found on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. In fact, all of the buttons on each of the iPhone 16 models could differ from the ones that came before it, because the iPhone 16-series is set to feature a full suite of capacitive switches.

action button on iphone 15 pro

(Image credit: Apple)

Capacitive switches ditch the mechanical component of a regular button, meaning these switches act in much the same way as the iPhone's touchscreen, or the trackpad of a MacBook.

The iPhone's adoption of capacitive buttons was a key rumor circulating ahead of the launch of the iPhone 15. However, it would seem that Apple needed a little longer to iron out some of the kinks, especially when it came to the Taptic Engines that generate haptic feedback on presses in place of the tactile bump from the actuation of a physical switch.

In celebration of this new tech's implementation, every iPhone 16 model will also feature a Capture Button, a capacitive switch intended for multimedia capture said to recognize swiping gestures and varying pressure levels to interpret different shortcuts to camera functions. If this rumor pans out, it's highly likely the gap on the right side of the case in photos leaked on X is for this new Capture Button. 

This time around, it seems like Apple is fully prepared to go full steam ahead with capacitive switches. Meaning the entire iPhone 16 line will be wholly free of mechanical buttons. This is a neat design update, but it should also help with waterproofing, dustproofing, and general durability. 

iPhone 16 rumors: Display

(Image credit: Laptop Mag / Rael Hornby)

Before the iPhone 15 launched, we got early word that Samsung Display was onboard to provide the iPhone 16 with new OLED panels featuring Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology.

MLA is a screen technology more commonly found in OLED TVs. It replaces the over-coating layer with a blanket of microscopic lenses (or lenslets). How microscopic? Well, LG Display claims that up to 5,000 of these lenslets can fit within a single pixel.

(Image credit: LG)

The benefits of switching to this technology for the iPhone 16 include a clearer, brighter picture with improved HDR performance without needing to increase the brightness of the pixels in the OLED panel (making it much more efficient) and without any increased risk of screen burn-in—an issue the iPhone 15 has had its fair share of run-ins with.

Certain iPhone 16 handsets (likely the Pro models) are also set to feature far thinner bezels through Border Reduction Structure (BRS), which uses a more efficient layout of the display's circuitry to trim down the need for a more spacious border.

iPhone 16 rumors: Specifications

(Image credit: Laptop Mag / Rael Hornby)

While we don't have an official look at the spec sheet or available configurations for Apple's upcoming iPhone 16, we have heard a fair amount of chatter about how its internal components may be improved.

Firstly, each iPhone model is reportedly set to don an A18 Bionic chipset, with the Pro and Pro Max handsets likely candidates for a more technically-capable A18 Pro processor that may feature an upgraded NPU to aid with the on-device AI capabilities of the new Apple Intelligence platform, which will launch as an optional beta feature in iOS 18.

On-device AI features in Apple Intelligence may also improve the base configuration specs for Apple's iPhone 16. Apple officially announced Apple Intelligence at WWDC 2024, but it's still unclear how it will work on older iPhones or whether it will be able to at all. Apple clearly wants its AI features to mainly use on-device processing to minimize privacy risks, though, so new iPhones moving forward will likely feature specs capable of handling on-device AI. 

Rumors indicate that Apple's on-device AI plans will require each iPhone 16 model to feature 8GB of RAM at a minimum and that efforts to make use of NAND flash to run its local models could push the base storage capacity of each handset to 256GB.

This could mean Apple plans to increase the base configuration for RAM, storage, or both. However, if Apple were to elevate both then this may be something exclusive to iPhone 16 Pro models to take full advantage of the A18 Pro processor with its upgraded NPU.

In addition to potential RAM and storage improvements, the iPhone 16 is also rumored to feature Wi-Fi 7 connectivity and a built-in 5G modem—however, it's unlikely to be the rumored in-house option currently being designed by Apple.

iPhone 16 rumors: Cameras

(Image credit: Laptop Mag / Rael Hornby)

The iPhone 16's camera array could include a new 48MP ultrawide, with the Pro Max's 48MP wide lens adopting a glass-plastic hybrid lens that allows up to 20% more light into its iris, resulting in much better low-light photography.

It's also possible that the 5x Telephoto lens of the iPhone 15 Pro Max could feature in both Pro models of the iPhone 16.

Apple will also use Atomic Layer Deposition coating on its lenses for the first time, which can counteract lens flare issues and better preserve image quality.


The iPhone 16 has plenty of promise, and Apple is pretty consistent at delivering a quality handset year-in-year-out. There are a few key design changes to look out for, more than in previous years to be sure, and the new A18 processor promises even more potential when it comes to performance.

All in all, we could be in for a real treat, especially if Apple's iOS 18 update is able to deliver on the feature front.

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