Huge iPhone 16 Pro rumors suggest you should skip iPhone 15

iPhone 16 Pro
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The iPhone 15 Pro is set to be announced at Apple’s September event, but this latest slew of iPhone 16 Pro rumors are going to give users a whole lot of pre-emptive buyers’ remorse.

Not to say the 15 Pro will be a bad phone, but according to securities analyst Jeff Pu, next year’s iPhone could come with huge WiFi and ultrawide camera upgrades!

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

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The first big upgrade that Pu mentions takes us to that ultrawide camera. For all the love we have of this lens for exaggerating the distance between near and far subjects, that 12MP resolution is starting to get a little tired.

Well, Apple looks to up this to a 48MP sensor for the iPhone 16 Pro/Pro Max. This could unlock a ton of additional capabilities that we see with the main camera, such as the ability to capture ProRAW images, gather a lot more light, and use pixel binning for vastly increasing the detail.

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Pu has also claimed that the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will support the next generation WiFi 7 standard — bringing faster speeds and a lower latency. However, the 7th iteration of WiFi hasn’t arrived yet, with an eye on it landing in late 2024. 

The maximum speed for WiFi 6 is a rather speedy 9.6 Gbps, whereas moving up to WiFi 7 amps that all the way up to 46 Gbps — that is an insane jump that is sure to vastly improve download/upload speeds. Not only that, but with support for more bandwidth channels and an increased range, it will be a more reliable connection too.


A vastly updated ultrawide snapper paired with an upgrade to WiFi 7 are changes that seem to be far bigger than what we are seeing in the iPhone 15 leaks. Pair that with potential bigger screens, a larger main sensor and a super periscope telephoto camera, and it may be worth holding onto your current iPhone for just a little longer.

You see, the main things we’ve heard about the 15 Pro are that it will get the A17 Bionic, slimmer bezels, an increased battery capacity, and a slight change to the Pro Max’s camera layout. Not to say these aren’t good updates to see (especially after our disappointment with the iPhone 14 Pro’s battery life), but the 16 Pro is bringing some more fundamental changes.

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