iPhone 16 Pro leak suggests a huge upgrade is coming to its camera

iPhone 16 Pro leak suggests a huge upgrade is coming to its camera
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iPhone 16 rumors, like with any unreleased Apple product, are never going to stop coming. And like any and all rumors, they should be taken with a grain of salt, as even things that are in development can be abandoned out of the blue.

With the latest iPhone 16 rumor, MacRumors reports that Naver blog user yeux1122 shared information acquired from an Apple supply chain about a new change coming to Pro cameras. Through something called ALD—atomic layer disposition—Apple could implement an enhanced camera experience that might address issues of ghosting, environmental damage, and light artifacts.

How iPhone 16 Pro's camera upgrade will improve the experience

ALD is a method of layering gases atop one another and pumping away excess to allow those layers to solidify, creating a surface that accurately follows the contours of the surface and allows for little to no roughness or defects. It essentially means that Apple will be able to create precisely thin components, and for the camera itself, it would allow the application of coatings that can reduce glare, halos, and light-based artifacts.

These layers can even help add protective elements to the mix, preventing damage caused by environmental hazards like dirt and dust, alongside reducing the impact of a second, faintly visible image appearing atop the taken image—otherwise known as ghosting.

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Apple is hosting its WWDC 2024 event on June 10, and since the company mostly focuses on software and operating system updates throughout the conference, we have no expectation that the new iPhone will be shown off. However, there's always the potential for that surprise they sneak into the show. While it's unlikely going to be for something as small as a camera upgrade, it's still worth looking forward to.

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