How to Make Smart, Dumb and Block Quotes in Google Docs

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Whether you're quoting a source or formatting your text, you need to make sure Google Docs uses the kind of quotes you want. While Google Docs defaults to using the curly smart quote marks, it's not hard to change the setting to the simpler dumb quote marks.

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The other kind of formatting you might want to use is the block quote, which is used to indent text on the left and the right. It's an easy way to emphasize a change in tone for your text.

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How to use smart and dumb quotes

1. Type Shift + ' to add a double quote, which Google Docs defaults to using Smart Quotes for. They're called Smart because they automatically identify if they should be formatted as start or end

2. Click Tools.2 2893521461355809

3. Select Preferences.3 2893521461355860

4. Uncheck the box next to Use smart quotes and click OK.4 2893521461356183

Now when you type quotes they will be dumb quotes.

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How to set text in block quote formatting

1. Click inside of a paragraph you want to set as a block quote.a

2. Click the Increase Indent button.b

3. Drag the right margin indicator left to the 6-inch indicator mark.c

Your paragraph is now a block quote.d

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  • Mike S. Says:

    helped me with the block quotes. That's twice in a day, thanks mate.

  • Tav-El Says:

    Same thing, but in Google Sheets. I want curly quotes and apostrophes.

  • Arun Godwin Says:

    Nice quotes and thanks for sharing

  • A frustrated U of M student Says:

    What happens when you do the "shift + enter" move to remove the extra space between paragraphs (to conform to MLA guidelines) and then you literally can not form a proper block quote. Prove me wrong, please. C'mon, google.

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