How to Add a Word to Your Google Docs Dictionary

Every so often you may find yourself using words that Google Docs doesn't recognize. Whether it's a word of your own invention or one that Google Docs just hasn't discovered yet, you can add it to the dictionary.

There are two ways to add words to your dictionary, and we'll explain both below. The main process lets you add multiple entries repeatedly, while the latter lets you add words after you've written them in Google Docs.

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Here are our step-by-step instructions for adding a word to your Google Docs dictionary.

How to Add a Word to Your Google Docs Dictionary

1. Click Tools from the menu bar.

2. Select Personal Dictionary.

3. Type in a word and click Add. Repeat as necessary.

4. Click Save. 

Google Docs now sees your word as a legitimate word. If you want to add a word to the dictionary while working on a project, you can right-click the word and select Add to Personal Dictionary.

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