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How to Create a Custom Template in Google Docs

If you often find yourself creating the same kind of Google Doc, you can save a lot of time with a custom template. Custom templates can contain boilerplate language like your address and logo or preset fonts and colors. 

Before you make a template, make sure you are comfortable with it being public, as Google Docs doesn't allow these documents to be private. There is a way to create a similar kind of document that stays private, but that workaround doesn't use the Google Docs Template service.

Here are our step-by-step instructions for how to create a custom template in Google Docs.

How to Create a Public Template in Google Docs

1. Create a document in Google Docs that you'd like to use as a template, or modify one found here. If you want to keep your template private, skip to How to Create a Private Custom Template in Google Docs.

2. Open Google Docs Templates and click Submit a template.

3. Click "Choose from your Google Docs."

4. Select the template you've made.

4. Click Select.

5. Enter a description of the template. Make sure it's at least a sentence, as Google Docs will reject it if it's too short. This, just like your template, will be public-facing

6. Select a category from this list.

8. Click Submit template.

9. Open the My Templates page, and click Use this template to create a copy of the template you just made. It may take some time for a recently created template to be available, so take this as an opportunity to stretch your legs with a short walk. 

You've created and used a template in Google Docs.

How to Create a Private Custom Template in Google Docs

1. After creating your template document, right-click the file in Google Drive.

2. Select Make a Copy.

You've made a copy of your original template.

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