How to Add Page Numbers in Google Docs

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Whether you're working on a report for class or just want a way to keep your pages in order after you print them, page numbers can help. Fortunately it's easy to add page numbers to a Google Doc.


Google Docs gives users the option of placing numbers on the top of bottom of the page, and though it defaults to the top or bottom right corner, it's easy to change to the left side. If you use a cover page, or want a different style of number on your top sheet, Google Docs also gives you the option to start enumerating on the second page. 

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Here's our step by step guide to adding page numbers in Google Docs.

1. Click Insert.pgnum1

2. Select Page number.pgnum2

3. Select from the top or bottom and cover sheet or no cover sheet options.pgnum3

Your Google Doc now has page numbers. For more formatting options, read num 4

To adjust your page number to appear in the top left corner, click the Left Align button.pgnum5

Check the box next to "Different first page header/footer" if you want to style the first page in a different manner. Some professors I had in college required the first page to say "First Page."pgnum6


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