How to Download a Google Doc

Google Docs makes it easy to collaborate and share, but you may find a need to make a copy of your document as a Word, PDF or other kind of file. Fortunately, it's easy to download a Google Doc to your computer and select the kind of file it is saved in.

Whether your collaborators prefer editing in another program, or you want a file to place on an external hard drive, saving a local document has its perks. Here are our step-by-step instructions for downloading a Google Doc.

1. Click File.

2. Select Download as.

3. Select a file format. 

  • Microsoft Word files are useful as they retain comments from Google Docs. 
  • OpenDocument Format files are accessible in a variety of applications.
  • Rich text files let the user set formatting including embedded links.
  • PDFs can be opened by most devices but not edited.
  • Plain text files allow for no formatting.
  • If you're looking to turn your document into a web site, click Web Page.
  • EPUB Publications are used by e-reader apps and hardware.

You've downloaded your Google Doc as a file.

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