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Rumor: Samsung Developing Google Glass Alternative Dubbed 'Gear Glass'

While some tech brands are choosing either the smartwatch or heads up display route when it comes to wearable tech, Samsung may be diving into both. Keeping with the naming convention of its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, the Korea-based electronics giant may be prepping a Google Glass competitor called the Gear Glass.

The rumor comes courtesy of Russian tech blogger Eldar Murtazin, who is known for obtaining unannounced Nokia hardware in advance. Murtazin says that Samsung is developing its own version of Glass that will fall under the Gear branding and could launch in April or May, although Samsung hasn’t commented on the matter. We’ve reached out to Murtazin to learn more about the alleged Gear Glass or where he obtained this information, and we’ll update the story accordingly when and if we know more.

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While Murtazin hasn’t cited his source, the tweet does align with a recently published Samsung patent. In its filing titled “Optical unit and display device having the same,” the company describes what appears to be a set of glasses with display technology embedded inside. It’s unclear whether this patent describes a heads-up display type of device or a pair of 3D glasses for use with 3D TVs, but it does show that Samsung is experimenting with optical technology.

If Samsung does decide to launch a wearable display, it would be one of several competitors to come to market following Google’s footsteps. Other similar devices such as the Vuzix M100, GlassUp and Oculon Smart Glasses serve a similar purpose as Glass. Samsung, however, would be among the few major tech brands to compete with Google in this territory.

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