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Samsung Debuts Future-Proof Smart TVs: ES8000 and 55-inch Super OLED TV

As part of its ongoing quest to make all your gadgets--even your washer, as of today--more intelligent, Samsung unveiled two new Smart TVs at its press conference today. And while TVs are hardly mobile, Samsung has designed these sets to interact with its tablets and smartphones

Samsung's announcements weren't limited to a specific product; today's presentation was more about demonstrating its new vision for connecting your various devices and making each one do more. For example, users will be able to download apps on-screen while watching a movie at the same time. Another innovation: Samsung claims it's "future-proofing" its Smart TVs with a system called the Evolution. Essentially, Smart TV users with a last-gen model will be able to get the latest added features by inserting a chip into a slot on their TV. 

The ES8000 Smart TV runs a dual-core processor and will come in screen sizes of up to 75 inches. There's an integrated camera for video chat and the like, and the ES8000 will sport an updated Smart Hub that lets individual family members create their own accounts for their respective apps and settings. (Speaking of apps, Samsung hyped the upcoming availability of Angry Birds on the ES800; it will be available on all Smart TVs as well.) Best of all, there's an updated version of AllShare for controlling Galaxy Tabs and Galaxy handsets.

Samsung is also adding gesture controls to the mix, so users can navigate through channels on the ES8000 and surf the web without touching a remote. Smart TVs will also now feature voice control. (Are we sensing a trend for CES this year?)

Like the ES8000, Samsung's just-announced Super OLED TV integrates Smart Hub, AllShare, apps, and both motion and gesture controls. Samsung says the 55-inch Super OLED boasts the company's most advanced display technology.