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Samsung ChatOn: Android, BlackBerry, and iOS Text Service to Debut at IFA

Now a smartphone maker will help consumers dodge text message fees from carriers. The maker in question? Samsung, which today shared a new alternative text messaging service called ChatON with the masses. 

We really mean "the masses". When it launches next month, ChatON will be available not just for Samsung feature phones and smartphones, the software will also run on Android,  BlackBerry, and iOS devices. To deepen an already large potential footprint, ChatON will also operate in 120 countries and 62 languages, giving it a fairly large base of potential users fresh out of the gate.

There's reason to believe this app will stand out from existing text-for-free apps too. ChatOn integrates a number of message services many phone users may currently have a hard time finding in one app like Facebook Messenger or Google Voice (or the other five free SMS-replacement apps we covered last week).  

When users tap open ChatOn, they'll find options for group chats, multimedia messages for video and pictures, and friend lists with frequently contacted buddies listed first. One very cool feature? The ability to draw on images, customize with flare, and send that personalized picture or video to friends. Check the video below for a walk-through.

Via Engadget