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Report: RIM Said to be Working On Apple TV Competitor

RIM may be trying a new tack to reverse its course in the market by creating an Apple TV-style home entertainment device.  Possibly code-named the BlackBerry Cyclone, the product is rumored to connect to HDTVs via HDMI port and offer consumer-friendly features like Netflix streaming, and YouTube video over Wi-Fi.

This speculation of a new RIM play into the home theater space stems from BlackBerry blog NerdBerry. If true, it could signal a bold (pardon the pun) move to stave off lackluster sales of RIM's smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The set-top box market, however, is filled with tough competition from Roku, Boxee, and of course Apple whose initial Apple TV product was far from a huge success.

There are also gaming consoles like Microsoft's Xbox 360, Nintendo's upcoming Wii U, and even modern HDTVs, all capable of performing similar entertainment tricks. A potential RIM box would be up against some stiff challengers. These realities place the likelihood a BlackBerry multimedia unit into the dubious category. Only time will tell though, and we'll report back with any developments.

via NerdBerry