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Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and XPAND Show Off Universal 3D Glasses, Other Devices

LAS VEGAS -- Can the next format war be avoided? The first steps toward 3D glasnost were on display today at CES: 3D glasses and displays from different companies, working together in harmony.

The 3D devices were developed under the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative. This partnership, founded by Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and X6D Limited (XPAND 3D) in 2011, seeks to avoid another HD-DVD/Blu-ray war by establishing standards for 3D eyewear and displays, so that a pair of 3D glasses from Panasonic, for example, would work with a Sony TV. 

According to the press release, the initiative will offer two types of licenses: one for TVs, projectors and other display devices; the other for 3D eyewear. Companies can use a number of licensed Bluetooth and infrared-based communication protocols to enable the integration of 3D active shutter glasses and 3D displays. Products manufactured under the licenses will be required to pass a verification procedure before being sold on the market, ensuring that they work seamlessly with other Initiative-compliant products. 

By creating and licensing standardized 3D active shutter technology, the founders of the initiative hope consumers will be able to use any piece of 3D technology that features the initiative's logo and use it with another compliant 3D device, hassle-free.