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Nope, Not Interested: Samsung Denies RIM Buyout Report

Looks like Research in Motion will have to keep on moving. Samsung said it isn't looking to buy out part or all of RIM, refuting a report yesterday that reinvigorated investor interest and heightened speculation over the future of the struggling BlackBerry-maker.

"We haven't considered acquiring the firm and are not interested in (buying RIM)," said Samsung spokesman James Chung in an article today by Reuters. The story also says that Samsung has not been approached by the Canadian firm for a takeover and is not interested in licensing RIM's mobile platform, contrary to the original speculation on the web yesterday.

That doesn't mean that all hope's lost for RIM. Other Asian companies like LG Electronics Inc, HTC and ZTE may be interested in what RIM's offering. As such device-makers do not have their own platform, RIM could prove to be a useful prospective purchase, according to an unnamed source in the Reuters article.

RIM's backpedaling stock direction is occasionally offset by jumps in its share price when rumors of takeovers abound. According to Bloomberg, the stock surged 8 percent after yesterday's report.

Image provided by Shutterstock and Janina Dierks.