LG Promises 17 Hours of Battery Life for Gram 14

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The Gram 14 is LG's third attempt to master the ultraportable notebook, and the company is promising a lot ahead of time. The Gram 14's slim bezel and lightweight body may make it hard to fit in much battery life, but we'd love to be proven wrong.

Hands-on impressions: The 2017 LG Gram lineup, which comes in 13-, 14- and 15-inch sizes, feels a lot better than the 2015 Gram, which suffered from flimsy build quality. LG's "instant booting" feature offers a speedy start, but still takes a few moments to power up.

Starting Price: TBD

Release Date: 1st half of 2017

Replaces: LG Gram (2015)

Key Specs: 14-inch, IPS display; 2.16 pounds.

What's New: The 2017 14-inch LG Gram will be a hair heavier than the previous version, but LG is adding new software features, including supposedly "instant booting," a Security Center and Headphone X surround sound. LG's also updating the 13-inch and 15-inch Gram notebooks with these same features.

lg gram tableThe 14-inch LG Gram (2017)

Why You Should Care: LG is making a huge claim by saying this year's 14-inch Gram will offer "up to 17 hours of battery life." The previous 14-inch Gram only made it 5 hours and 38 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Test, so we'll be surprised and impressed if this one (which, at 2.16 pounds, is only 0.5 pounds heavier than last year's) lasts for even 10 hours. LG's also claiming the updated 13-inch Gram (17.5 hours) and 15-inch Gram (15.5 hours) will provide similarly lengthy endurance.

lg gram 3 acrossThe 15-inch, 14-inch and 13-inch 2017 LG Gram notebooks.

Outlook: Cautious, slightly optimistic. These battery life numbers need to be tested to be believed.

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