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LG G Pad III is a 10.1-inch LTE Android Tablet with a Kickstand

LG announced its latest tablet yesterday (Dec. 18) the 10.1-inch G Pad III 10.1, an Android 6.0.1 slate with support for LTE connectivity. Currently, the G Pad III is available only in Korea, where the tablet costs 429,000 South Korean Won (around $360).

According to a translation of LG's product announcement, the tablet's armed with a 1920x1200-pixel IPS display and stands upright at angles "up to 70 degrees." Judging by a photo seen on GSM Arena, the tablet's "folding Kick Stand," appears to be a flap that folds out from its back.

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LG sees the G Pad III as a multi-purpose device, as that kick stand will work with a "Time Square" interface that allows you to set the slate as a desk clock, tabletop calendar or digital frame. The G Pad III should be a welcome addition to the bedroom with its blue-light-filtering Reader Mode, which offers four severity settings.

The LTE connectivity may help this Android tablet stand out from other slates, as always-working connectivity makes it much more functional in the field. LG will launch a version of the G Pad III that includes a stylus pen early next year. There's no word about when a version of this device will be coming to the U.S.

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